Build 7273

February 2023

New devices, UI updates, and product tweaks. February 2023's update of GpsGate helps tracking companies take fleets further. Delivering a reliable and stable platform means constantly reviewing and strengthening our features to boost fleet efficiency. In this month's release, you'll find improvements to core features, enhanced security, and small tweaks to our mobile apps. Plus, we've integrated new devices from our long-time partner Teltonika Telematics. We've also introduced Hogia and Squarell to our integrated device list.

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Want all the details? See the nitty-gritty in our Beta release notes.


User Experience

  • Crash status icons are now visible in the Vehicle list column and the Crash Data Graph. This allows fleet managers to have quick visuals on vehicles with crash data. Includes info tooltip.
  • New version of Vehicle Status markers. Users who upgraded to Beta need to reconfigure their templates to get the latest version of this tool.

Developer & System Administration

  • Add support for page breaks in Excel reports.
  • Support using hostname instead of IP as a target for Data Forward.
  • New Spanish language keys for Maintenance and Localization editor.
  • Messaging broker RabbitMQ now supports AMQPS for extra secure communications.

In case you missed it - we've integrated's weather map as a map layer in Beta. Test this map in the application under the "Maps" category in Privileges and Features. Windy's map provides interactive weather forecasting on a global scale. Use this map layer to get the latest local weather and use it to better inform your fleet movements.

Device Plugins
GpsGate's device integration team works closely with lead manufacturers to bring the latest GPS capabilities to your platform. Improvements, new signals, and fixes ensure that your devices always give you accurate fleet data. New this month:

  • New vehicle tracking devices from Teltonika. The FMC800 is a small OBDII Plug and Play device with 4G LTE Cat 1 and Bluetooth connectivity. Teltonika's FMM800 is a tracking terminal with GNSS and LTE/GSM connectivity.
  • Hogia and Squarell devices are now compatible with GpsGate's platform.
  • Further device improvements from our partner GPS device manufacturers include Queclink and Meitrack.

With our ISO certification, we're constantly evaluating the platform and adding more protection. With this month's security updates, we've strengthened password and user session settings.

User Experience

  • Map toolbar has improved layout and colors.
  • Improve select component, select all, and select none functionality.

Developer & System Administration

  • Improve performance when resolving variable values for event notifiers.
  • Support all SSL protocols for secure TCP connections.

Bugs happen. Each month, we're quick to process support tickets to keep our end users performing at the highest standard!

User Experience

  • Fix bugs and layout issues in Area Search.
  • Maintenance and Fleet app bug fixes for a more intuitive UI.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix CSV file content when exporting from the Events panel. The file now contains ​​ClosedByUser​ column for past events.
  • Fix for sharing location (Publish link function).
  • Fix POI import.
  • Fix REST API to support adding users to Site Admin.
  • Fix issue that caused error "Session was not found with Session id = -1" on login page, although login was possible after page reload.
  • Fix search field in Site Administration > Manage Applications > Edit Application, which now returns results regardless of letter case.

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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