Build 8238

January 2024

Highlighting GpsGate’s first release of 2024 is an update to our Maintenance feature which now offers corrective and preventative services. Fleet managers use Maintenance to keep vehicles road-ready, forecast upkeep costs, and manage operations with the resources available.

Corrective maintenance is free to use! GpsGate Cloud users can enable and configure Maintenance in the platform via the Store.

Other highlights from January include more map settings pages moving from SiteAdmin into the application, several new device inputs, and UI improvements.

GpsGate users stay ahead with an updated platform. Using the Fleet App? Visit the Google Play and App stores to update. See our January Beta release notes here for all the details!

Read on for more highlights from January!


Flat tires and cracked windshields aren’t scheduled, so we’ve rolled out corrective maintenance. Fleet managers use this new Maintenance tool to track vehicle damage as it happens.

What’s more? Map settings pages have moved in-app and Site Admin labels have been added to clarify which GpsGate users can see given settings pages within the platform.


  • Add support for Corrective Maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance now has a property called "Notice." Notice is the number of days before "Due date" when this service is visible in the upcoming maintenance list.

Want to keep vehicles road-ready? Give Maintenance a try and connect 5 devices for free. Find Maintenance in the GpsGate Store within the platform.

Developer & System Admin

  • Custom Maps, Navionics, and Pickpoint pages moved in-app under Main menu -> Site Admin -> Maps and Geocoders
  • All in-app Site Admin windows are now labeled to clarify that they are only available to Site Admin users

Device Plugins

It’s been a busy month for our device team, who have added a new device, and several new inputs to integrated hardware. Here are some highlights:

  • Add support for time zone metafield for Howen TCP protocol
  • Add Queclink’s GL500MG device and add support for HTDZ Sensors (Sensor ID, Humidity, Temperature) for GV58CEU device
  • Logical changes to how the Last "known" value is saved for different variables on Teltonika, Meitrack, JIMI, UDrive, Kingneed, ArkNav, Gotop, Suntech, and Iridium device types

Developer & System Admin

  • Failed scheduled reports can now be sent to individual recipients again
  • Change RegisterCommand from abstract to virtual
  • Improve date and time pickers by having placeholders (e.g. "Select date range") by default in Maintenance logs

User Experience

  • Minor UI enhancements to vehicle marker tags and closest vehicle feature
  • Improve layout and functionality of modal dialogues

Bugs happen. When we know about them, we fix them to ensure the platform continues to run smoothly.

User Experience

  • Fix the Geocodefarm settings page that wasn’t showing up in the application
  • Bug fixes for closest vehicle feature
  • Fix installation of privileges for Bing map plugin

Developer & System Admin

  • Fix a bug causing all map and geocoder plugins to be visible in the applications' main menu under -> Site Admin -> Maps & Geocoders even if not installed
  • Fix SaveChangesOnly values for SOS, BatteryLow, JobAssignmentState
  • Fix an issue where the browser kept an open connection after viewing camera images
  • Fix a bug preventing a historic invoice from opening with the button in the "Actions" column
  • Fix of installer: Grant privileges for Site Admin user on creation
  • Fix slow queries issue for unknown devices
  • Fix Odometer_EO calculation mixup of kilometers and meters
  • Fix issue where various unrelated functionalities stop working after uninstalling POI plugin
  • Fix missing uninstall option for plugins

ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor, Chat, and Garmin plugins were deprecated with November’s 2023 release.

Datcom, SUTRAN, and DLT Client plugins were deprecated with October 2023's release.

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

Removed Passenger Manager plugin with April 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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