Build 8694

June 2024

Summer’s a busy time for logistics and fleet management. Get your team the best tools to do their work this season with an updated platform! This month we’ve added enhancements to in-application search, and updated device listeners.

Have you tried our updated in-application search yet? With it, you’ll get easier access to platform settings and streamline your work in GpsGate.

We stay on top of the latest devices to bring our tracking partners the latest tech. 3 new devices from Teltonika & Queclink serve fleet verticals like security, logistics, and remote asset tracking.

Is your business mobile-ready? The Fleet app now uses your GpsGate application's localization settings to display the date and time. Keep your team connected this summer, whether in the field or the office. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download and update.

Want all the details? Read our June Beta Release Notes. Update GpsGate for access to the latest tools and features.


Updated In-Application Search

Last month we updated our in-application search! In June, we added localization support and made geofences, and geofence groups searchable in the in-application search. Launch search with ctrl + k, and find event windows, geofence panels, and more platform settings.

Device Plugins:

GpsGate’s device team is always ready to integrate the trackers our customers need. Here are a few highlights from June:


User experience

  • Add an option for easier subscription management within the platform
  • Include an option to add a simulator under the +Device dropdown in the Vehicles panel
  • Improve device listener UI by displaying connection URLs for HTTP-based listeners

Developer & System Admin

  • Update device edit form to show connection URL instead of IP for HTTP-based listeners
  • Update device HTTP listeners and SMS providers to support default HTTP(S) ports

Bugs happen. As soon as we know about them, we fix them to ensure GpsGate continues to run smoothly.

Developer & System Admin

  • Fix AccumulatorTypeID and filtering by user ID in accumulator API
  • Fix issue with Multi-Factor Authentication

Device plugins deprecated with June 2024’s release: Astrata, AstraTelematics, Atelematics, BCE, Bluetree, BOX, CAESSAT, cGuard, Continental, CWT, Cybergraphy, ErcoGener, Falcom, FlexTrack, FWPL, GenekoFox, Ghostway, ILC, InspireTech, iTrac, iTriangle, KingSword, KMVD, Maxtrack, Megastek, NAL, Noran, Nyitech, Orion, Pegasus, PFTechnologies, Pretrace, Raveon, RITI, Superguard, TeamShar, Telnet, ThinkPower, TK100, Topin, Trendtek, Viczone, Visiontek, and Wirtrack

Device plugins deprecated with April 2024's release: AccuTracking, GlobalSat, Sendum, Amigo, SkyPatrol, Amwell, GlobalTrack, SmartSole, ANBTEK, Haicom, SmartTrakTech, AntzerTech, HHDTech, SolarONE, APRS, Holux, StarNet, Arvento, Icarvision, and Stellar.

/m Mobile web interface was deprecated with March 2024's release and is no longer supported. Download the Fleet app on the App Store or Google Play for the best access to our platform.

ArcGIS Geoevent Processor, Chat, and Garmin plugins were deprecated with November’s 2023 release.

Datcom, SUTRAN, and DLT Client plugins were deprecated with October 2023's release.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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