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Real-time tracking and fleet monitoring with GpsGate's software

Fleet management isn't one size fits all. That's why we work closely with fleet telematics providers for real-time vehicle tracking that works across industries. As a developer-founded company, GpsGate focuses on sustainable product development. Flexible, scalable, and extensible are the tenets of our solution. How do we deliver this? Strong partnerships with our tracking customers, IoT partners, and a passion for our mission of creating a world where fleets are greener, safer, and more productive.

GpsGate has an agile workstyle and uses the latest technology to develop the best fleet tracking software on the market. The outcome? A smart, user-friendly platform that powers large fleets in over 150 countries. Haven’t had the chance to get to know GpsGate yet? Watch our video and read on to learn more about our team and the way we get things done.

Technology-driven with agile development

We take chances. Experimentation is encouraged. GpsGate’s development team uses the latest tech to build new features. Peer programming and clear team organization make collaboration across departments easy. As the IoT landscape adapts, so do we. We attend conferences and workshops to infuse new energy into our software development. Knowledge of best practices allows our teams to innovate new fleet management tools with confidence.

Partner-focused for sustainable growth 

Our partners are fleet tracking service providers who offer smart fleet management solutions to their customers. For that reason, our sales team guides conversations to uncover customer pain points, rather than touting our platform's features. We've found that a solution-driven approach with our partners has a direct impact on our product roadmap. From security monitoring to government fleets, last-mile delivery, construction, and transportation - our diverse customer base keeps us curious.

Want to see more about how our partners work?
Sven Vedin, VP Sales at GpsGate

For Sven Vedin, GpsGate VP of Sales, leading his team means keeping close contact with customer goals. “Together with our tracking partners, we use our platform's capabilities to fix complex business requirements. In this way, we shorten the time to market for our partners and they gain a competitive advantage."

Whether it’s homing in on driver behavior, decreasing fuel costs, or creating proactive maintenance plans, we’re determined to help fleets do more while using less. Read about some of our favorite new features for fleet managers from 2022.

Secure platform for sensitive fleet data 

GpsGate is built and maintained by a large dedicated team in our Sweden-based offices. We have a security-first mindset to keep your customers’ fleet data safe.

All vehicle fleets encounter sensitive data in their work. For government, public safety, and security fleets, it’s especially important to collect exact details of fleet locations and movements. It’s equally important to have access to extensive data records for future use in compliance and court cases. Our company-wide security practices adhere to GDPR and allow our partners to safeguard customer data.

For greener, safer, and more productive fleets – together 

In 2022, we clarified our mission of helping partners reach their goals using three adjectives – greener, safer, and more productive. Fleet management service providers are responsible for keeping up with today's challenges. Resource management to track vehicle fuel use, implementing proactive maintenance plans, and creating comprehensive driving behavior programs are just the tip of the iceberg. For GpsGate's CEO and founder Johan Franson, shaping the mission and vision of GpsGate is reflective of the world we live in. “GpsGate’s company mission is focused on not only the challenges of the fleet industry today, but also what is to come tomorrow,” says Johan. “When our partners are under pressure to use less resources with the same output, we want to have the solution to take them there."

Johan Franson, GpsGate founder and CEO

A green fleet is one that considers its environmental impact and promotes eco-driving. Our platform regulates drivers' behavior, fuel use, and idle time with real-time alerts and robust reporting. Safety is paramount for all fleets. GPS trackers and accessories communicate with GpsGate to help reduce accidents and make stolen vehicle recovery possible. When fleets focus on becoming greener and safer, the result is more productivity and efficiency in the end. Tools like GpsGate Maintenance make it possible to forecast resources for more profit in the long-run.

So what makes GpsGate’s platform unique?

Flexibility and customization is what we’re known for 

Cold chain logistics. School bus tracking. Taxis and car rental. Snowplow material use. Heavy equipment battery monitoring. Electric bicycle tracking. Police and public safety management. Waste bin tracking. Wildfire management. Want us to keep going? GpsGate’s tracking partners create customizable fleet management solutions for thousands of end customers.

Our partners choose the tools and features to create the look and feel that works best for their clients. With their brand front and center, GpsGate is the backend solution as an established player in fleet telematics. Depending on location, fleet type, and local regulations, our tracking customers make use of either GpsGate On-site and GpsGate Cloud.

Fleet app speeding alert

Scalable to power your growth 

GpsGate is powerful enough to scale with your business. Ideal for large fleets, you can manage thousands of units between your customers within separate applications. Plus, our pay-as-you-go model means that you can forecast your fleet spending - no unexpected fees, and no surprises. Beyond that, our flagship features get all members of the fleet the data they need. Desktop notifications, custom reporting, and our mobile Fleet app keeps your team connected on the go.

Extensible format for flawless integration 

Every company has its favorite tools. Messaging with Slack, maps from ESRI's ArcGIS, Quickbooks for bookkeeping – whatever it may be, our system is ready to connect. APIs give you customer fleet data wherever you need it in the format that works best for your team. For extra functionality, custom scripting works to make tracking even the most complex fleet movements a streamlined experience. And it will work with any tracking equipment available on the market today – or tomorrow. GpsGate partners with hardware manufacturers like Teletonika, Queclink, Atrack, Concox, Cradlepoint, and many more so you can use the vehicle trackers, cameras, and sensors that serve your customers best.

Ready to learn more?  

Collaborating with our partners is the best part of the job. We know that solving their problems creates better working environments, happier end customers, and greener cities as a whole. Regardless of your current solution for fleet management, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our sales and support teams are eager to learn how we can best help you.

It's easy to get started with GpsGate. Get in touch with us today!
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