Build 8046

November 2023

Holistic fleet management in one place. The November release of GpsGate is highlighted by the migration of several SiteAdmin settings into the application. This means improved user experience, and easy platform configuration right within GpsGate.

Premium features Dashboard and Maintenance received some UI enhancements so that fleet managers can efficiently maintain operational control and keep vehicles road-ready.

As always, our team has integrated new devices and platforms to give GpsGate's tracking partners the latest technology.

GpsGate users stay ahead with an updated platform. If you’re using the Fleet App, visit the Google Play and App stores to update. See our November Beta release notes here for all the details!


Migrate SiteAdmin Settings into the platform

Fleet management should be seamless - for system integrators, and end users alike. Moving settings from SiteAdmin into the platform ensures a more streamlined workflow, allowing for settings to be changed right in the UI. No need to leave the application to fine-tune it for fleet customers. If you can't find what you're looking for, navigate to your application and use the search menu to find what you’re after.

Please note: Create and edit functions have moved in-app. These settings are now available directly in applications for SiteAdmin users. Go to any application’s main menu and select Server Administration → Application → Manage Applications.

Here are some highlights from migrating SiteAdmin settings into GpsGate:

  • Reprocess Report & Reprocess Tracks were moved from SiteAdmin to Server Administration inside the application
  • Stop / Start of the service was removed from SiteAdmin
  • Manage Data Providers is still available in SiteAdmin
  • The legacy scripting engine was removed. The new scripting engine will be used as the default
  • Bing and HERE map settings have been migrated into the application
  • "Manage speed queries" under Reporting has been removed from legacy SiteAdmin

User Experience

  • Add "Show only next" service in the Maintenance feature
  • Add a badge to indicate that the Store is only visible to SiteAdmin users

Developer & System Admin

  • Add support for "TOW_CAR" activity

Device Plugins

Our list of device partners grew in November. As a device-agnostic fleet management software, GpsGate is always responsive to integrate with new hardware used to measure fleet behavior. Here are a few updates to our list of integrated devices:


Developer & System Administration

With several SiteAdmin settings moving into the application, developers and system admins can expect to see these changes:

  • Target framework has been removed from SiteAdmin
  • Unlocking one window in SiteAdmin now unlocks all newly & previously opened windows
  • The deprecated Flag Notifier has been removed
  • "Email Attachment Max Size" has moved from legacy SiteAdmin to the application under SiteAdmin → Account → Email
  • Bing map settings page has moved in-app under Main menu → SiteAdmin → Maps & Geocoders → Bing
  • HERE map settings page has moved in-app under Main menu → SiteAdmin → Maps & Geocoders → HERE

User Experience

Your fleet management software should be intuitive to use. Here are some of the UX updates you can expect this month:

  • Dashboard Widgets now show 'Latest value' in the Fleet app
  • Accumulator values are shown in the tooltip when listing triggers in the Maintenance feature
  • An information header about migrating elements from SiteAdmin was added

Learn how to enable premium features like Dashboard and Maintenance in the GpsGate Store!


Bugs happen. As soon as we know about them, we fix them to keep your platform working smoothly.

User Experience

  • Fix changing Metric issue on notifications in the Dashboard feature
  • Fix to Fleet app login

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix crash when opening Batch Role Editor
  • Fix stability issues for email functionality when under high load
  • Fix default bindings for HTTP listeners
  • Fix crash in Payment and UserSync plugins

ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor, Chat, and Garmin plugins were deprecated with November’s 2023 release.

Datcom, SUTRAN, and DLT Client plugins were deprecated with October 2023's release.

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

Removed Passenger Manager plugin with April 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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