Build 7675

August 2023

Fleet management software data is meant to be shared. This month, our team has improved the way admins enable REST API tokens. A powerful way to integrate your business systems with GpsGate, you can share vehicle positions and send trip data to your team's favorite tools. With loads of new device integrations, GpsGate remains responsive to the latest trends that fleet managers value.

Updates don't just happen for GpsGate Cloud and GpsGate On-site applications, we also work to keep our Fleet App as agile as possible. Pull even more vehicle details on the go with the new and improved search function in the Fleet App.

Read on for more highlights from August 2023's release of GpsGate!

Still curious about GpsGate Cloud? Give it a test drive for 30 days risk-free. Instant registration is now available on our website. Here's how to request a GpsGate Cloud account.

GpsGate users stay agile with an updated platform. Are you one of our mobile app users? Visit the Google Play and App stores to update. Below are the highlights of this monthly release. See our July & August Beta release notes here for all the details!


REST API token

There are now more ways to send and receive information to GpsGate. We've updated the way admins generate REST API tokens for users. No longer affected by password changes, admins are able to generate and re-generate tokens from within the application. Still secure, the token is secret and disappears once generated.

See this guide for more on the new REST API token generation process in GpsGate.

  • Add link to "REST API Documentation" in application menu -> Admin -> Development.
  • REST API tokens are now generated from the User form.
  • The REST API token resource has been deprecated in favor of the new token workflow.

Fleet App

  • Our Fleet app search function is even more comprehensive. You can now search for any detail linked to a vehicle or user.

Developer & System Administration

  • Update SSH.NET to latest version.

Device Plugins
Our device integration team has been busy this summer. As our device partners update their product lines, and our tracking partners grow their offerings, we respond to increase our device offering. New this month is the integration of Teltronic's C2A system.

Device updates to GpsGate this release include:

  • Queclink Wireless: add new inputs for Queclink GB130MG device to measure tire pressure.
  • Teltonika Telematics: add LVCAN_FuelConsumedCounted (ID 107) input for Teltonika's FMC150 device.
  • Teltonika Networks: new device inputs for Teltonika's RUT956 device to support: AnalogInput1.
  • Howen: fix to alarm channels and latitude parsing
  • Teltronic: add support for Teltronic C2A system, fix custom Accept header.
  • Tzone: add support for sensors 13-20 for LoRa, Fix geolocation data parsing.
  • Conneqtech: stability updates for Conneqtech plugins, add ExternalBatteryPercentage, BikeRange, Odometer, PowerUsage, FuelLevel, FuelLevelPercentage, and VIN for generic device.
  • Cypress Solutions: cypress CTM Generic new inputs added: USR_STR_3, USR_STR_4, USR_STR_5, and USR_STR_6
  • Globalmatix: add support for UDS variables for GlobalmatiX xTCU.
  • ATrack: add new inputs for Atrack AX9 device: Report106 to Report120.
  • ERM: add TI{1..5} input for Generic device. Add GenericRS232AdapterMessage for Generic and StarLink AVL device types.
  • Meitrack: add new inputs for Meitrack T399L device: AnalogVoltage1, AnalogVoltage2, BatteryVoltage, ExternalVoltage, and FuelLevel

Developer & System Administration

In May 2023, we released a new version of our Device Mapper tool. Faster loading times help system admins configure minute details without delay. Improvements this month include:

  • Add a new 'Script' option to the trip definition dropdown list in Device Mapper. This helps distinguish whether the variable comes from scripts or mappings.

Further improvements that system admins will notice:

  • Improve the security of Tracks service.
  • Share location tool fix: speed is now correctly displayed in metric km/h instead of mph when "en-uk" measurement is selected.
  • ArcGIS Map: scalebar is now displayed in metric units when "en-uk" measurement is selected. Updated ArcGIS API to latest 4.27 and 3.44 versions.
  • Command queue optimizations.

User Experience

Our UX team wants to make your job easy. This month, you'll see tweaks to the UI that make work more intuitive.

  • Provides a standardized way to include links in the UI.
  • Compatibility for Google Maps to reflect in the Fleet app.
  • Improvements to fetching tracks in MSSQL.
  • Expose POI ID in poi.find.

Bugs happen. As soon as we learn about them, we fix them to keep your platform sailing smoothly.

User Experience

  • Fix issue to prevent click events not working on some reports.
  • Bug fix that so that the trip definition input shows all the correct options.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix cases that produce the following error messages in Legacy SiteAdmin when doing various actions such as listing Message Providers, Add/Remove Variables, Edit Commands, Reprocess reports, and more:

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

Removed Passenger Manager plugin with April 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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