Success Stories

Our tracking partners build custom fleet management solutions with GpsGate. Read on to learn about their success.

Companies in over 150 countries use GpsGate to provide advanced fleet management services. They serve fleet customers across industries: cargo transport, city governments including police and emergency vehicles, airports, electric vehicle delivery, cold chain transport, high value cargo transport, construction & heavy equipment, and more.

Conneqtech solution for aerial platforms using GpsGate
Conneqtech solution for aerial platforms using GpsGate

Conneqtech for NH Rental's aerial platforms

When Conneqtech customer, NH Rental, needed a solution for their aerial platform fleet, Conneqtech was quick to respond. With GpsGate, they created a way to maximize uptime through remote equipment monitoring. Conneqtech continues to grow alongside their customer, who has tripled their fleet size since the project began.

Learn more about how Conneqtech empowers NH Rental with GpsGate.

"We are awed by GpsGate's many features. Through smart event rules and reading the external voltage of electrical machines, NH Rental saves time and money managing its rental fleet."

Peter Verhoeven, Internal Account ManagerConneqtech

Paxster: electric vehicles

Electric vehicle manufacturer Paxster specializes in advanced logistics solutions for companies like DHL Express, DPD, NZ Post, and Norway Post. Paxster's eco-conscious offerings help power last-mile productivity.

Read more about how Paxster provides green solutions using GpsGate.

Skyangel: security experts

In areas where cargo trucks are susceptible to vehicle hijacking, Skyangel gives fleet customers end-to-end visibility over truck drivers and precious cargo. Serving international cargo giants like Mabe and DHL Supply Chain, Skyangel monitors fleets for 850 commercial companies in total with GpsGate.

"We have found a great ally in GpsGate. With GpsGate, we have an excellent tool that allows us to automate tasks, improving our customer service.”

– Juan Manuel Vázquez, CIO, Skyangel

Learn how Skyangel uses GpsGate to provide cargo security monitoring.

DigiMobi for the Hong Kong International Airport

DigiMobi provides seamless outdoor/indoor tracking of up to 5000 vehicles for Hong Kong International Airport. Learn how they provide visibility into airport ground service equipment for:

  • Faster baggage handling
  • Safer working conditions
  • Proactive resource planning
  • Real-time resource adjustments

Find out how DigiMobi provides advanced airport tracking services.

Aragón Forestry Department fighting wildfires

Annual wildfires pose great danger to people and the environment in Aragón, Spain. The Department of Forestry uses GpsGate to help keep firefighters safe and minimize the devastating damage with advanced forest fire operations.

Check out how the Aragón Forestry Department uses GpsGate to help fight forest fires.

"GpsGate has been crucial to our success. We’ve worked with GpsGate on custom solutions for large and complex contracts that grow our business. Their software gives our customers the fleet management system of their dreams.”

Terrence MaFounder and CEO, DigiMobi

Wabtec's safe mining system

With thousands of employees on-site and millions of dollars of equipment, Wabtec focuses on safety. GpsGate is a critical part of their safe mining system for:

  • accident prevention
  • safer working conditions
  • keeping expensive equipment operational
  • actionable insights to improve mine operations

Learn how Wabtec integrated GpsGate into their internal system for 24/7 fleet visibility.

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