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GpsGate Server

June 2021

The new native map is now live! After being available for many months alongside the legacy native map, it's now the official GpsGate map experience with this release. It also allows you to use ArcGIS map layers - if you're an ArcGIS map user, this allows you to view all of the data you need on the map at once and toggle layers on/off.

We also made a ton of additions to the new Tracks 2.0 available in beta. More details are below or you can read the June release overview blog.

Learn how to update your server.



  • New Native Map officially replaces the legacy native map.

Developer & System Administration

  • Added DeleteUser resource /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:long}
  • Add endpoint for batch deleting geofences to the API.
  • REST now supports numerical usernames longer than 12 characters.
  • Add ownerId to GateMessageSlim.
  • Expose APP_ID as template variable to event expressions.
  • Add [OperatorUsername] variable for sending commands to device.

Tracks 2.0 (beta)

Lots of feature additions! You can check all of the great features here or see what's new for this month:

  • Historical vehicle markers on the map: you can move historical vehicle markers by clicking and then dragging the playhead in the timeline. You can also click on a track point in the track points list.
  • Export tracks from the panel.
  • Check the brush chart (scroll bar) in the footer of the timeline to see if you've zoomed in on the timeline. You can also use it to drag and rescale the timeline.
  • Select which tracks are visible on the map.
  • Selected event rules are saved to the workspace, so you can pick back up where you left off the next time you log in.
  • Some improvements and fixes for standstill icons and tracks.

Device Plugins

We also updated device plugins and added more supported devices. To see the updates, search for your device on our supported devices page. All device pages show the releases for the device manufacturer.

  • ATrack
  • WirelessLinks
  • Concox
  • Astra Telematics
  • Pacific Track
  • ERM
  • Teltonika
  • Queclink
  • Meitrack

Language Plugins

The following language plugins have been updated over the past month: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.


If you have experienced a very slow workspace load, please re-save it after this update. We've been working hard this month to improve your experience and the load times.

We've also updated many report layouts and included some other tweaks.


Updated report layouts for:

  • BC1000 BreadCrumb
  • DI1000 Completed Jobs
  • FC1002 Fuel Consumption
  • FC1003 Fuel Consumption Exceptions
  • FU1004 Fuel Report (Daily)
  • FU1005 Fuel Refill Report (Detailed)
  • FU1006 Fuel Refill Report (Daily)
  • MT1000 Maintenance Service History
  • MT1001 Maintenance Service History (per tag)
  • SG1000 Signal Report
  • SG1001 Signal Report
  • SY1000 System Report (Device Connection)
  • SY1001 System Report (Device Valid Position)

User Experience

  • Faster application loading.
  • Faster display of vehicles in dynamic views based on event rules.

Developer & System Administration

  • Improved filtering of incoming messages to reduce unnecessary and redundant data.
  • Improved logging for database related errors.

User Experience

  • Fix: the Custom Icon Select form now indicates which icon is currently selected.
  • Fix an issue with using the MultiMonitor popout with Google Maps. Sometimes the vehicle marker text label could become misplaced and lose its background color - but not anymore.
  • POIs


  • Allow exporting POIs from all applications - not only the original application.
  • Fix import of POI descriptions, fix returning of closest POI in reverse geocoding.
  • Fix dragging POI on the map when edited.


  • Fixed Passenger Manager compatibility.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix a case when workspace would not load.
  • Fix assembly redirects in AD and Saml logins.
  • Fix issue with [OperatorUsername] variable.
  • Do not fail GpsGate Http reports which cannot write back to an output stream due to a nonexistent network connection - this can be caused by delayed processing.
  • Fix rare condition that could lead to server crash.

EX1000 Export POI - export POIs directly in applications.

Road Works - please use core GpsGate functionality instead of the Road Works plugin.

The legacy Native Map has been replaced with the new version as detailed in the review notes and blog.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

*Please note, as of August 17, 2021, GpsGate will remove support for Internet Explorer 11. We recommend updating web browsers prior to this date.

GpsGate Server

May 2021

ArcGIS map layers are now available in general release - a great way for Esri users to see all of their data directly on the map. We've also updated the POI interface and made lots of backend improvements. Read the May release blog for all of the release highlights or dive into the details below.

Remember, Tracks (and vehicle status!) are available in preview release. Learn more about the new Tracks and Vehicle Status on the blog. Learn how to update your server.


ArcGIS map layers

  • Run all your ArcGIS maps as layers on top of Native Map 2.0.
  • ArcGIS Webmaps updated to ArcGIS v4.
  • NOTE: ArcGISMap will not work with IE11.

POI (Points of Interest)

  • Points of Interest redesigned with performance improvements (geocoding, event rules, import & export), native import and export, and a new UI.

Tracks (beta)

  • Tracks 2.0 beta now supports events in the timeline and on the map among other updates.

Vehicle Status (beta)

  • Add icon sets and event badge to vehicle status.
  • Other minor enhancements.

Device Plugins

We also updated device plugins and added more supported devices. To see the updates, search for your device on our supported devices page. All device pages show the releases for the device manufacturer.

  • Antzer Tech
  • Astra Telematics
  • ATrack
  • Concox
  • DM Telematics
  • ERM
  • GpsGate
  • Meitrack
  • Pacific Track
  • Queclink
  • Telic
  • Teltonika
  • Xirgo (BCE plugin)

Security improvements have been made, so we recommend a server update.

We also improved the user experience with a better preview of selected items when using a multi-select list in the application.

Developer & system administration

  • Finding files is easier with two default file extention changes: batch user import and batch update have default .csv extensions. Import geofences has default .kml/.kmz and .csv extensions.
  • More detailed logging for 'not found' geofences and database-related errors. We also improved cleanup for template entries for deleted items.
  • Limit ongoing events for the same user and event rule to 100 from namespaced scripted events.

Use case-specific/ regional plugins have also been updated:

  • MPOB: add QZE report.
  • SUTRAN: convert speed to km per hour (instead of miles per hour) according to new specifications.

A few fixes for the user interface and a few for the backend/system admin are included.

  • Fix bug where “Install plugin” button wasn’t correctly shown in the User form.
  • POIs: Fix color in import. Fix timeout error when removing a POI group with many POIs. Fix dispatch menu on POI plus various POI post release fixes.
  • Fix Charging and SosButton field type.

Developer & system administration

  • Bug fix for "Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'MySqlConnection'"
  • Remove a geofence from groups when it's deleted through REST API.
  • Fix compatibility with the current Reporting plugin.
  • Fix database deadlock when processing reporting data using Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Fix case where data was not cleaned up after removing an application.

SOAP WebServices is discontinued. Use the corresponding REST API.

GpsGate Server

April 2021

We've introduced lots of new features to Tracks 2.0 and welcome your feedback. If you have fleet vehicles that make private trips in off-hours, we've made it easier to automate trip privacy. We've also added Hindi and Indonesian to our official system languages. Read the April release blog or continue below for all of the details.

Remember, Tracks (and vehicle status!) are available in preview release. Learn more about the new Tracks and Vehicle Status on the blog. Learn how to update your server.



  • We made time & date selection faster by adding predefined time span options to calendars. Options: today, yesterday, this week, and last week.
  • We added a refresh button. It's especially useful when your selected date span is set to a future date/time and you want to update the panel with the latest data.
  • Tracks on the map now show track direction.
  • The average moving speed is now part of the trip summary.
  • Trips honor the exact start and end time provided by the user.
  • You can save the active screen (Trip List, Timeline, or Track Point List) to your workspace.


  • We released two new translations: Indonesian and Hindi.

Developer & System Administration

  • Off-hours trips can be set to remain private for all appropriate vehicles. We now allow scripting for hiding devices' position source (user.setHidePosition(bool) in Script App scripts) so you can automate off-hours privacy.

Device plugins

We also updated device plugins and added some more supported devices. To see the updates, search for your device on our supported devices page. All device pages show the releases for the device manufacturer.

  • Concox
  • EELink
  • ERM
  • Meitrack
  • Queclink
  • Teltonika


  • We made various bug fixes and UI & performance improvements.
  • We now create standstills from trip data instead of from statuses, and we don’t show statuses (Parked & Idle) in the standstill map tooltip.
  • We improved map polyline performance.
  • Formatting for smaller distances and durations has been improved.
  • The system now sorts vehicles in the order that they were added.
  • Vehicles should maintain their assigned label color while they are selected in the panel.

User Experience

  • We made map performance improvements for Chrome and Edge browsers (Chromium).


  • Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish received updates.

Developer & System Administration

  • HTTP types are now exposed to Click Scripts (WindowsMenuClickScripts).
  • We added throttled logging of DataForward feature in the case of the forwarding failing.
  • There is now better handling of 502 (Bad Gateway) errors from OneMap.
  • The dashboard has access to the database during service shutdown.
  • We added the Fleet App and the Dispatch App as results to the Activity System query.
  • More retries and sleep interval to the geofence migration have been added.
  • We changed to MySqlConnector for the geofence service.
  • The login page is automatically reloaded if the service is stopped until service is running again.
  • We no longer require or use Odbc Connector and MySql Connector/Netis since we switched Database Connector for MySql to
  • WASL: we set SFDA VehicleStatus according to new specifications.

User experience

  • We fixed a bug that sometimes made it look like no map or workspace was selected in the menus.

Fleet & mobile

  • An issue with a firewall test for iOS devices is now fixed.


  • An error occurring when duplicating an Event Rule containing a Geofence expression is now fixed.
  • Geofence group description migration is fixed.
  • Servers with the Turkish OS system 'culture' will no longer experience a geofence feature malfunction - this is now fixed.


  • We made some small fixes including allowing UTF8 names in reporting Geofence queries.
  • DataScope options are now always sent as values when rendering a report.
  • Unsigned Reporting and Fuel Report.

Developer & System Administration

  • We fixed a logging issue that could cause high CPU usage.
  • Loading and deleting a Command Notifier for which the device has been deleted will no longer fail.
GpsGate Server

March 2021

March's release includes more localization and user experience improvements plus small improvements and fixes across many features. We've also got two major features available in preview release: Tracks and Vehicle Status.


Two widely used features have been redesigned and are available in preview release: Tracks and Vehicle Status. You can now test them in beta. Please send us your feedback! Learn more about the new Tracks and Vehicle Status on the blog. Learn how to update your server.



  • French translation updates and new translations for reports.
  • Added some missing localization keys for Czech, Croatian, and Polish. You'll notice them in Icon Categories, Application Console, Publish form, and the Edit User Access Mask.
  • Updated the names of some language plugins to match the English language in the UI.

User Experience

  • Map performance improvements.
  • Made it possible to delete views that contain lots of Dashboard data.
  • Trimmed down the vehicle map label attributes' width to make the viewing experience better.
  • Search field for selecting applications auto-focuses again when logging in.


  • Updated text in Geofence Group form to make it straightforward and easy to use.

REST Resources

  • REST - added BoundingBox to GeofenceModel.

Developer & System Administration

  • Updated RabbitMQ.Client library to the latest available, currently 6.2.1.
  • Updated to ArcGIS v3.35.
  • Prerequisite check for .net48 to Updates.v5.
  • Implemented a more resilient way to rename plugins.
  • Limited the time the Dashboard has to complete a stop of the service.
  • Set default DB command timeout to 600 seconds.
  • Improved error logging procedures for inactive HTTP connections and OneMap.
  • Updated language plugin dependency.
  • Added assembly redirects to DistributeSystem.Net.Http, System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions, and System.Memory.

User experience

  • Fixed issues with map getting 'stuck' when dragging tools or editing geofences in Native Map 1.0. Have you tried Native Map 2.0 yet?
  • Fixed user actions around views management.
  • Fixed the event rule creation form so that everything loads in the proper sequence.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to save a user when a settings profile has been removed.
  • Corrected filter trips by period.
  • Icon library import works again.
  • No more firewall test bug when using the simulator - this has been fixed.


  • Fixed adding geofence groups to script apps and export/import of script apps with geofence groups.
  • Exposed geofences object with modifiable groups to timer scripts.


  • Fixed issue where rendering a report in the browser and emailing a report could produce different results.
  • Fixed an issue with the eco report template (EC1002).
  • Fixed a couple of Mac and Safari issues with editing and rendering reports.


  • Chat plugin message visibility bugfix.
  • Chat plugin sender username works again.

REST Resources

  • Fixed pagination on the geofence REST resource.

Developer & System Administration

  • User Search now honors ReadApplication tag privileges. Site Admin users will only see users that they have access to in User Search.
  • Fixed loading plugins in Mobile.
  • Shared Batch fixes for MSSQL.
  • Fixed MSSQL packages for LdapSync.
  • Do not reinsert deleted rows.
  • Fixed various upgrade procedures that failed either due to cases when updating from a very old version or that the procedure was not idempotent and could not re-run after a previous failure.
  • Removed code around nightly track processing for good (has been disabled for years).
  • Fixed issue that prevented SUTRAN service from starting.
  • Added a second attempt to delete old WebUI assemblies.
  • Extra logging during deploy.
  • Fixed issue where columns in the event table weren't being reordered correctly.
  • Fixed khmer geofence custom id migration (NEPHILA-115).
  • Update tag_privileges_obj table when migrating geofences.
  • Fixed bug in tree-control for report query editor.
  • Ensure Reporting doesn't pull in VT-code in SA.
  • Fixed track service fails when track data contains out-of-bounds values for speed and/or heading.

TR2001 (Trip & Idle report) has been replaced by TR1000-U.

GpsGate Server

February 2021

In addition to a new official Portuguese translation, we've got lots of tweaks and UI improvements. You can also now enable/disable map providers for the Fleet app, giving you more control of the end user experience. Read more highlights here or dive into the details with the release notes below.



  • Map providers can now be enabled/disabled (specifically for the Fleet app) on the server using the _FleetAppUseMap privilege. Supported maps are Google Maps and ArcGIS map.


  • Portuguese' is completely updated. The language flavor is Brazilian Portuguese. The separate 'Portuguese Brazil' language is removed.


  • Deploy framework can now check if GpsGate Server is running on a server with .net48 runtime installed.
  • Warning in Site Admin when using MySQL 8.0.23, which is not compatible with GpsGate.


  • Removed 'Espanol 2' language.
  • Language key updates (Chinese, German).

User Experience

  • Better error message when a .net Framework is missing, including a link to download page.
  • Improved performance executing Event Rules.
  • Added DEBUG: to messages that are not errors in geofence cache log.
  • Performance improvements. Faster loading.


Do not allow login to the desktop application (Vehicle Tracker) while having only the _MobileLogin privilege. Previously having the _MobileLogin would allow login to the desktop application. As this is no longer the case, some roles might have to be updated accordingly.

  • _MobileLogin is required to access the Mobile site
  • _WebLogin is required to access the Desktop site


  • Geoserver Map can now opt-out of using background color (bgColor) for possibly better tile caching.
  • Sharing location (publish plugin): All scripts are now loaded from relative paths. Allows for UI port forwarding.
  • Set a capacity for device processing queues. Once the capacity is reached, the device will be disconnected and will require reconnecting.
  • Improved Saml logging.
  • Disable Event Rule HTTP notifier (Command Notifier -> Custom Server -> http) if there are 10 consecutive notification failures within a 10 minute period. Re-enabling the notifier after 10 minutes.
  • utf8mb4 connection string charset for newer MySql versions.

Fleet & mobile

  • Fixed an issue in mobile causing IIS not booting up and register components as expected. This caused issues like EventRules having Geofence Expression could not be created or modified.'
  • Geofences on Google Maps should be displayed with the correct color all the time now.
  • Avoid app crashing when a geofence group is deleted on the server.
  • Touches outside a bottom sheet should now minimize the bottom sheet.

User experience

  • Filter invalid positions when drawing tracks.
  • Mouse wheel zoom works on custom maps again.
  • Removed excessive and faulty error log messages.
  • Fixed a bug saving status icon in User Form.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause tracks to not load on large servers with a short device update interval.
  • Fixed an issue with the accumulator date picker in the user form.
  • #ERR now displays in fields in the vehicle list that earlier crashed the complete list.
  • Fixed issue with the default value for settings profile not being displayed when opening a user type in the user type form and not being used in user form correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Maintenance Notification form to not display properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the command tag new/edit window to not display properly.
  • Fixed migration for Arabic geofences.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Application Tags being selected in the SMS Provider dropdown in SiteAdmin -> Settings -> SMS page.
  • Fixed Datcom protocol.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException while fetching SessionContext without a cookie set. Update assembly redirect for Newtonsoft.Json.
  • Removed aspx webform based http device endpoints under the following paths: - http(s)://hostname/gpsgate.aspx / - http(s)://hostname/sanav.aspx

GpsGate will soon no longer support .NET Frameworks below version 4.8. We recommend updating this month, although version 4.7 is still supported for a short period of time. You can download and update the newest .NET Framework here (Runtime).

GpsGate Server

January 2021

January's maintenance release includes a lot of backend improvements and fixes. We've also updated the Arabic language to a professionally translated version. Read about the release highlights.



  • Professional Arabic translation.
  • Added translations to reporting.
  • Added Espanol keys to user-based reports.


  • Added POI ID to Dispatch API model.
  • Added option to upload metadata file (Saml)
  • Added support for Individual Registration request (WASL data forward).

User experience

  • Added a loading animation when waiting for the login page to load and also when logging in to an application.

Maps and geocoding

  • Native Maps performance improvements.
  • Improved handling of empty results from geocoding service.

Speeding expression

  • Better road search when using SpeedingExpression.
  • Updated speeding expression to do an exhaustive search when looking for the closest road.


  • Uses longest cleanup time for track data for shared devices.
  • Always keep the last accumulator value when cleaning up accumulator data.


  • Tuning “City Drive” Track Filter. Fewer small trips in the same spot.
  • Registered mobile app activity.
  • Improved Application Template imports containing script apps.


  • Fixed Geofence privileges when creating/editing geofences.
  • Fixed migration for invalid geofences.
  • Fixed updating Geofence Groups from scripts.
  • Geofence service - fixed expired license issue and other issues.
  • Fixed geofence startup problems when using MSSQL.

User experience

  • Fixed an issue that displayed the top menu in VehicleTracker before the custom branding color was applied.
  • POI map layer visibility state is correctly saved in the workspace.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to select the day of the month at year's end in report scheduling.
  • Fixed issue with note categories not being removed visually from the UI when deleted.


  • Fixed issue with driverId triggering a change causing a privilege error when being restricted by an access mask.
  • Fixed memory leak when devices are blocked by either missing _DeviceLogin privilege or by AccessFilter.


  • Fixed XML errors in Danish language files.


  • Fixed issue with upgrading when running MySQL 8.0.x on Linux systems.
  • Fixed MSSQL upgrade scripts (Saml, WASL data forward).
GpsGate Server

December 2020 release

Happy holidays! You get all of this month's release goodies a few days early in recognition of the holidays. The Fleet app now supports Geofences to help you run your business from the field. We've also added new user-based reports. Read the release highlights.



  • Added the geofence feature.
  • Added ArcGIS map support.


Added user-based reports for trip & idle and event rules:

  • TR1000-U Trip & Idle detailed
  • TR1001-U Trip & Idle daily
  • EV1000-U Event rule
  • EV1001-U Event rule total
  • Added MT1002: maintenance service status per vehicle.


  • Added the option to enable Token-based Mitigation Authentication to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks. This can be enabled in SiteAdmin -> Security -> Use Token Based Mitigation Authentication.


  • Updated the FleetApp English lang file in preparation for the upcoming Fleet v1.6.X release.
  • Significant Francais update with 1700 new language keys.


  • Introduced geofences as microservice and all the accompanying changes to integrate it into the solution (see the new Fleet app geofences feature).


  • Security improved.


  • Optimizations to Updates.v5, Terminal, Reporting, CargoMove Data Forward, Road Works, SpeedingExpression via build 4985.
  • Added a plugin/platform prerequisites framework.
  • More cleanup of old Driver Journal resources.
  • Adapted pagination query in the snapshot to be compatible with Sql Server 2008.
  • Removed and replaced links to the deprecated forum in Site Admin and Vehicle Tracker applications.


  • Security improved. Upgrade recommended. The following response headers for service calls have been added: X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff ; X-Frame-Options: sameorigin

Dispatch app

  • Improved security.
  • Updated app icon.


  • Fix geofence service init migration.
  • Hide the "New geofence" button when the user doesn't have edit privileges.
  • Show warning when trying to edit a geofence without the required privileges.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent geofences from being drawn on the map.
  • Improved error handling when geofence KML import fails.
  • Geofence service - fixed migration of custom ids.


  • Fixed an issue with the trip calendar on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue with images on iOS 14.
  • Fixed issues with content rendered outside the view on newer phones.
  • Fixed issues with the keyboard on iOS.

Errors & Permissions

  • Fixed an issue that caused localization keys with an empty value to display the key instead (e.g. UNIT_SYMBOL_NONE)
  • Display actual error message when saving a system message fails.
  • Increase retry count for migrations and display message of failure instead of crashing service.
  • Fixed an issue with the two-factor authentication manager window in Vehicle Tracker being hidden for non-Site Admin users.
  • Made UPD connection pooling predictable during high loads.
  • Fix case where branding could disappear after upgrade.
  • Fixed issue with status indicators' upper limit including removed icon sets.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused endless loading of a (Vehicle Tracker) application after logging in.

Cannot upgrade without first uninstalling the following deprecated plugins:

  • AlwaysValid
  • CheckHDOP
  • Ayna Maps
  • VisitAll

See the deprecation schedule here.

GpsGate Server

November 2020 release

Three existing UI languages are now updated and fully vetted: Chinese, Spanish, and German. Read more about language flexibility in GpsGate - 20+ languages and the ability to select language on a per server, per application, or per user basis.

  • Added Chinese (simplified) language.
  • New and fresh German translation.
  • Updated Spanish language.
  • Global search can now also find custom fields.


  • Reverse geocoding improvements (Kuwait).
  • Reverse geocoding improvements (USA).
  • Guard against installing multiple same geocoders (Geofence, GpsGate, and Geofence + GpsGate).


  • Increase width of email and SMS recipient dropdown popup in Event Rule window.
  • Alphabetically sort geofence tags shown in event expression dropdown.
  • The columns in Event Panel table can be resized.
  • Added a button for copying the IMEI to clipboard.
  • Added option to redistribute column sizes evenly on resizable tables.
  • Filter user settings send to the UI.


  • Implemented Shared Batch for MSSQL.
  • Moved all logic around VT application access from IIS to the GpsGate service.
  • Faster loading on application.
  • Faster role management in VT.


  • Update Site Admin to use the new website's news release feed.
  • Update to new GpsGate logo in Site Admin and browser part of GpsGate Server installer wizard.


  • Deleting simulator stops Getting Started to show Tooltips.
  • Simulator is now selected as active once added from Getting Started.
  • Simulator created from Getting Started now uses default tags for Device.
  • Simplified creation of simulator from User Form:
  • A unique username will be generated by default.
  • Removed firewall-check for simulators.
  • Fix issue were using a locale that doesn't use the Gregorian calendar would cause the simulator to get stuck in pending mode.

Developer / REST

  • Fuel Consumption REST API - endpoints for custom fields.
  • REST: Trips and Idle reports are now sorted in time order for the Trips resource.
  • REST: A resource for getting an accumulator value at a specific time.
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/accumulators
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/accumulators/{accumulatorid:int}
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/accumulators/{accumulatorid:int}
  • Remember 2FA for 30 days did not always work.
  • Fixed issue where the Getting Started window would show "Cannot set property 'deviceDefinitionID' of undefined"-error when creating Simulator.
  • Fixed an issue where logins with Active Directory and SAML could end up on an empty login screen.
  • It is now possible to remove the selected device hardware and IMEI when editing a User.
  • Track points Export button visibility now respects the _UseTrackExport privilege.
  • Fix rare case where a server under high load could stop processing some of the incoming device data.
  • Fixed issue where Device Type would be set to visible by default when opening a non-changed User Type (E.g "Device") in User Type Editor. If user then saved the User Type, Device 1, 2 and 3 would be visible in User Form.
  • Fix issue with not saving correct marker icon visibility in user access mask editor.
  • Fixed an issue causing mobile devices to end up in an infinite reload of the login page.
  • GpsGate listener - Do not attempt to process a command on a disposed connection.
  • Dispatch: use delimiter set for the application when exporting dispatch jobs.
  • Remove POI custom field values on location removed, category removed.
  • Clean up orphans on POI upgrade.
  • Validate Driver Event Rules configuration when saved.
  • Check length when writing event state (to any db type), ensuring that the throw is in the round trip, failing a Script Expression as expected.
  • Fix crash column not showing any icons after adding it to the vehicle table as a column.
  • RabbitMQ: made routing key templatable again.
  • Fixed RabbitMQ to resolving variables containing functions (such as START, END, FINAL) during notification.
  • Removed old AppGateway (old custom login pages are no longer supported).
  • Removed deprecated Links framework.
  • Asset protection deprecated. Updates not possible before AssetProtection is uninstalled.
  • Removed EC1000 and EC1001.
  • Removed _UseSingleLogin privilege and functionality. A seamless experience between devices renders it unnecessary.

See the deprecation schedule here.

GpsGate Server

October 2020 release

Two-factor authentication is now available!

  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled on the server. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection to your account by requiring you to enter a one-time passcode when accessing your account. To use 2FA, you need to download and install an authentication app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • GpsGateServer/SiteAdmin/Index.aspx now redirects to the main login page if the user is not logged in. Redirects to SiteAdmin if user is logged in.
  • GpsGateServer/Login.aspx page is now deprecated and redirects to the main login page.
  • The columns in Event Panel table can be reordered.
  • Fixed closing events after they have been cleaned up.
  • Fixed caching issue when switching between old and new scripting engine.
  • List required Custom fields before not required Custom Fields in User Edit window.
  • Fix issue with templates sharing custom fields settings when creating a new through copying it.
  • Service logs HTTP bindings at startup
  • Fleet App module can now be selected when adding new keys in the localization editor.
  • Fix next and prev month buttons in the calendar after changing sorting to years.
  • Add Select button to date pickers.
  • Fix issue where the event panels selected date would reset when reopening the date picker.
  • Various upgrades that stopped running on install since .3303 should run again (GC, MIME, JintVersion, NLog targets)
  • Fixed issue where Event panel become blank when in window mode.
  • Performance boost while mirroring roles between IIS and the GpsGate Service.
  • When creating a new device, Username and Display name is now populated with autogenerated suggestions.
  • Improved performance for track related operations.
  • Reduce the loading time of the login page.
  • The drawn simulated track will now handle turns and follow the road better.
  • When starting a new route, the simulator's initial position will be sent instantly.
GpsGate Server
Build 4656

September 2020 release

Getting devices online fast

  • Added a new 'device online' workflow to the User form in the application. You can now download new device plugins, detect unregistered devices sending data to the server, and add multiple devices at once.
  • Add Username variable to template commands
  • Improved logic when initiating the simulator panel. The panel will never get added to a column that is collapsed.
  • Not filling up ErrorLog when an empty address is returned
  • Setup default mappers on app creation or device definition install/upgrade instead of on-demand
  • Remove duplicate device mappers
  • Added application name to spam blocker message
  • Add total keys, translated keys and % translated keys stats to localization editor
  • Fixed disappearing privileges for AccessFilter
  • Fixed issue with disappearing _Me tag
  • Fixed fetching track related data using SOAP
  • Fixed GateMessage error parse infinity speed
GpsGate Server
Build 4543

August 2020 release

A new reporting experience! It's optimized for usability and system performance.



  • Can set priority on Geofence groups (determining the color of the Geofence)
  • Geofence changes immediately pushed to clients
  • geofences.getUsers(...), .getGroups(...), .updateGroup(...) available in Notifier Click Scripts


  • Added a "Install Plugin"-button for more control of when Plugins are installed
  • Improved Firewall check
  • Fixed issue where the Getting Started window would re-appear when switching maps
  • Fixed issue where the Getting Started window would show an error if user has just installed a new plugin

Icon sets:

  • Added _EditIconSets privilege to control the visibility of "Icon Sets" feature in the Admin menu in VehicleTracker
  • Renamed privilege section "IconLibrary" to "Icons" and put icon related privileges here
  • Privilege is enabled for every role that have access to the "Admin" menu today


  • Change default Track Filter to City Drive
  • Fix rare case when tracks are not recorded for a full day
  • Make default track filter less aggressive. TimeFilter set to 10 seconds by default.
  • Performance improvement when opening Applications with many privileges in "Search and Manage" and "Batch Edit" in SiteAdmin
  • Performance improvement when opening "Roles" in VehicleTracker
  • Hide tags that the user does not have _ReadData access to in the user form
  • Check available columns and add the Simulated Device State panel to the first available and preferred column
  • Fixed IE11 startup issue
  • Fix issue causing excessive logging in JS log
  • Deploy - Fixed "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: inner" exception
  • Fixed geofence CSV import
  • Event Rule Wizard - Fixed loading a command notifier for which a device has been deleted
  • Fixed slow saving of event rules on server with a large number of applications
  • Fixed Variable Notifier when source value is an empty string
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