Experience the NEW menus

The top menu in Vehicle Tracker is ALL NEW. There is better branding for tracking partners, workflow improvements, and a serious design facelift for better UX.

A redesign of the top menu is available today in preview release. Install it today to test the branding possibilities, experience the workflow improvements, and explore the new user interface.


We’ve improved the application branding in the Vehicle Tracker. When you select the top menu bar color, this will also apply to all opened windows. The branding becomes a consistent theme throughout the Vehicle Tracker application.

The custom application logo displays either above or on the left side of the top menu bar. It’s the first thing end users see. Branding is top of mind. Each company application is easy to identify at a glance for administrations.

Workflow improvements

A cleaner workspace with fewer menu items
It’s easier to work when your desktop is uncluttered. Fewer menu items in the top bar reduce the amount of visual clutter so that users can work more efficiently. The rearranged (moved and grouped) settings achieve a cleaner workspace, removing distractions and putting the focus on the important items. 

Improved workflow with organized menus
The location of some items has changed to support logical workflows. Everything is in its right place.

Related settings are grouped and settings are found where you use them. User settings have been moved into their own user menu. And some settings have been moved directly into the panel menus to make them easier to find. 

For instance, the Workspace menu is now under the Windows menu, and track settings are in the Tracks panel menu.

Faster work with searchable dropdown lists
Search is now available in the Reports menu. Complex organizations with many different reports can easily find what they need.

The menu dropdown items in the top menu bar also display in alphabetical order. You can quickly scroll to the item you need and always know exactly where it is.

Design and user interface updates

A clean and easy user interface is the GpsGate way. Every release and redesign has user experience as a main focus. As you explore the new top menu bar and some of the sub menus, you’ll notice both large and subtle changes in the design.

Smart design for the menus and windows make it easy, fun, and fast to work in GpsGate. The layouts are clean and the settings and items easy to understand.

But wait! That’s not all! There are more exciting changes rolling out in the coming weeks.

Autosaving settings will save users time… and headaches! No more worries about saving your settings. Changes you make to your settings will automatically be saved in your workspace.

Panel menu UI updates will make the panel menus easier to find and access. The user experience will be friendly and consistent throughout menus.

Your feedback is requested!

Install the preview release today to experience the new top menu bar. Whether you have questions, suggestions, or find a bug, let us know.

Want to know more about the changes? Find out here.

If you want to participate in our product feedback group, sign up here. Otherwise, you can always send feedback to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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