Activate reports in GpsGate Server

GpsGate Server includes a completely re-designed reporting framework for easier report configuration and increased reporting performance. Reports are downloaded to your GpsGate Server from the Site Administration application. New reports are continuously added, so please contact us if you need a specific report!

This guide describes how to download and activate a report, using the Detailed Distance Report template as an example.

Note: Go directly to step 4 if your GpsGate Server adminstrator already has gone through the configuration steps.

Download and install a report

New and updated reports are published as downloadable plugins in the Site Administration application as shown in the image below.

plugin download

Follow these steps to download the Detailed Distance Report template (if you already have in your server, check that it is updated, e.g. green):

  • Login to the Site Administration application
  • Click on the tab Plugins and go to the menu Get More Plugins
  • Browse through the list to the plugin Detailed Distance Report and click on Download
  • When the plugin has been downloaded click OK to continue
  • Click Install and wait for the plugin installation to complete
Activate reports

Reports are activated for an application from the application administration page. The image below shows the Privileges and Roles section.

privileges & roles

Follow these steps to activate the distance report:

  • Click on the tab Applications and go to the menu Search and Manage
  • Select the application you want to enable the reports for
  • Scroll down to the section Enable/Disable features and expand the Plugins/Reporting/_CreateReport folder
  • Check TR1000 Trip & Idle (Detailed) and TR1001 Trip & Idle (Daily) to activate the distance reports
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save to save your updated settings

The report is now activated in the application.

Configure reports

Login as an administrator to the application and follow the the steps below:

report settings

  • Select Reports / Manage Reports from the main menu
  • Select the TR1000 Trip & Idle (Detailed) report definition and click Open
  • Name the report Distance report and enter the description detailed distance report
  • Select the TagID that includes the vehicles you want in the report (this example uses the tag Vehicles)
  • Click on Save to save the report

Note: You can also select a time period for the report and setup an email schedule if you want to have the report emailed to a group of users.

Run reports

Login to the application you activated the reports for and follow the the steps below starting from the Map view window:

  • Select Reports / Distance report from the main menu
  • Select a time period and click Generate to view the report in a web browser

Note: You can also select the CSV renderer if you want to export your report.

The picture below shows an extract from a sample distance report for two vehicles.

sample report

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