August release: GpsGate Fleet mobile app

The new Fleet app is ready for primetime! We've also added user log in reporting and an ETA feature to Dispatch.

GpsGate Fleet

Months of user testing and feedback helped us build a great mobile app that meets end users’ needs. We added some exciting new features plus improved the UI and older features.

GpsGate Fleet has native mobile notifications. Customers can stay updated on their fleet at all times while saving money. There are no extra fees for SMS alerts since notifications are pushed from Fleet.

The app makes it easy to view trips (tracks) for vehicles, and you can also drill down to individual trips.

Fleet also includes the custom application branding to create a seamless experience for your customers.

Learn more and find out how to download for iOS and Android here.

User log in reporting

Customers can now track system access with user log in reporting. Data security is a key feature for many clients, and we help their data stay safe.

Customers can see exactly which users logged in and when. This provides an extra layer of security and protection. Company data stays secure and managers can see who is accessing the application and site admin.

ETA for Dispatch

Dispatch now includes a driver ETA to their next job.

Estimated time of arrival is valuable information for fleets that are dispatching jobs. Operators and managers can use the info to reschedule or reroute vehicles. It will help the fleet run smoothly and complete jobs and deliveries on time.

Operators can also keep customers updated using the ETA feature. Customers will appreciate knowing in advance about a large delay or an early arrival. Superior service helps companies maintain happy (and profitable!) customers.

Dispatch ETA is powered by Google, but a Google Maps license isn’t required. ETA is a premium feature, so contact Support for information on usage and pricing.

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