August release: upgrade your Dashboards and map search

Dashboards are the key to getting the data you need fast. With August's release, our dashboards are getting even better, it's easier to search the map, and you have more REST resources.

Dashboard upgrades

If you need to see overview data for your fleet, Dashboards are a fast and powerful tool. The data you need is in view at all times in your Vehicle Tracker. Dashboard’s preview release for this month gives you more customization and flexibility.

Reorder Dashboard items - you can now customize your Dashboard to show the items in exactly the order you need. Simply click on the edit icon, and then drag and drop the items to change the order. Be sure to save the workspace after making Dashboard changes.

Export Dashboard items - if you’ve created a custom item, you will never waste time recreating it in other applications. Simply export the item, and import it into another application.

Edit formulas for existing Dashboard items - need to tweak how an item is calculated? Easy! You can edit the formula for an existing item rather than creating a new one.

Map search relocation

The map search bar has a new home on the map toolbar. All of the map tools are now in the same easy-to-use location.

You can see the address/location suggestions as you type. If there are multiple options, the new location in the toolbar lets you view them easily.

Map search is available for all supported maps, so no matter which map you use with GpsGate, you’ll be able to easily search for and select addresses.

REST for custom fields

Another REST resource added for developers. You can now GET custom field data with REST. For information on this, and all of the other developer resources available, visit our Developer page.

And more!

There are more tweaks and additions in August’s release not covered in this blog. If you’re a Dispatch user, custom fields are now available on jobs & routes in scripting, and the app supports localization. Be sure to read the full release notes to learn more.

More details & resources

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