Budget Car Rental in Thailand recovering stolen vehicles

A stolen vehicle can be hard to recover. CCM-Systems delivered a real time tracking solution based on GpsGate to Budget Car Rental in Thailand saving a substantial amount of money for the car rental company.

Description of business problem

Budget Car Rental had a problem with stolen vehicles that meant a big loss for the business. Budget Car rental also had no real time view of where a returning vehicle was. This meant that there was no way to see if a vehicle would be on time for the next car rental customer.

Solution that was provided

CCM-Systems has provided a real time tracking solution based on GpsGate Server. CCM-Systems also provides their “tAdmin” call center application and general operation management in order to provide Budget Car Rental with first and second level support.

Automatic alarms can be generated if a vehicle is leaving a defined Geographical area. This makes it possible to take action as the theft of a vehicle is happening. The vehicles have been put into logical groups by using ”tags”, this makes it easy for the fleet managers to get a quick overview of the vehicles that they are interested in. Fleet managers can log in to the system in the web GUI and get an overview of the fleet. Fleet managers in Budget Car rental can now see if a vehicle is on its way back on time or if it will be delayed.

CCM-Systems also have an automatic alarm system in place where GpsGate Server can generate real time alerts by SMS or E-mail if something is wrong with a tracking device or the technical infrastructure. This provides additional security for Budget Car Rental since they know that the system is operational 24 hours a day all days in the year. CCM-Systems keeps their costs down for the solution by being able to configure and manage tracking devices remotely from GpsGate Server.

Street address information is often not enough in Thailand. CCM-System is therefore also providing Budget Car Rental with about 2 million local Points Of Interest (POI:s) that help Budget Car Rental to quickly identify the position of a vehicle.

Saksin Chongolnee CEO of CCM-Systems says “we are happy that we can help Budget Car Rental with this critical business problem in a cost effective manner. Our tracking business is growing and we can quickly implement the solution that solves the business problem.”

Business result

Since the solution was implemented there has been a few thefts of vehicles. With help from the CCM-Systems Call center and GpsGate Server, local Police authorities and the fleet management in Budget Car Rental, has been able to track the position of stolen vehicles and bring the thiefs to justice. The solution is helping Budget Car Rental in its daily work of planning follow up on returning vehicles. There is less frustration today when all information about the fleet now is available in real time.

Description of the Technical solution that is used
GpsGate Server is used for monitoring all vehicles in real time. The call center is using the tAdmin application from CCM-Systems. The Vehicles are equipped with X1 and A1 tracking devices from Systems & Technology Corp.

More Information

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World class Rent a Car Co.,Ltd

Budget Car Rental is a car rental and leasing company in Thailand. Budget Car rental have a wide range of Vehicle Types in a Nationwide fleet with more than 320 Vehicles, spanning over Trucks and Personal Vehicles and Motorcycles. For more information: http://www.budget.co.th

CCM Systems (former known as CaraCAD)

Is well known in Southeast Asia for developing and holding major Mapping, CAD, Drawing management Systems and Location based Projects, providing customer support and services for individuals, mid to huge enterprises and Government such as Petroleum Authority of Thailand, Thai Oil, Budget Car Rental, Bangkok Administration Office, Serval Police devisions. For more information: http://ccm-systems.com/

Systems and Technology Corp.

Was established in 1987 with vision of innovating and providing tracking solutions, geographical information systems and navigation. For more information: http://www.systech.com.tw

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