Cold chain transport compliance from MobiOne

MobiOne is delighting customers with their proprietary solution (powered by GspGate and Teltonika) for 'Cold Chain Control.'

Cold chain transport is a growing industry, and a complex one. MobiOne has created an effective solution by pairing GpsGate software with Teltonika hardware. This provides all of the data they need to reduce costs and ensure compliance for their clients. In cold chain transport, goods must stay below defined temperatures in order to prevent spoilage or contamination - whether it be food, medicine, chemicals, or other perishable cargo.

Background & client needs

MobiOne was tasked to provide services for Menigo, one of the leading full-service suppliers of food, beverage, and kitchen items to Sweden’s service market. They required the highest degree of quality control, supply chain efficiency, and customer service. They needed a cold chain transport tracking solution with full transparency and reliable real-time supply chain information including temperature.

The solution

MobiOne expertise + GpsGate software + Teltonika hardware

MobiOne’s proprietary solution, MobiTemp, solves all of the business requirements. MobiTemp uses Teltonika’s 6320 device with GpsGate tracking and temperature plugins.

Menigo implemented MobiTemp from MobiOne in 120 trucks. They now have full control over the cold chain and supply chain from warehouses to each customer.  They can follow the degree of efficiency, the level of quality, and level of customer service in detail throughout the supply chain. 

The Teltonika devices capture multiple inputs and feed detailed information to the GpsGate platform. Real-time monitoring and historical reporting are possible. Daily and weekly reports provide Menigo with data on loading times, travel times, distances, unloading times, delivery precision, and quality/temperature control throughout the cold chain.

What are the results?

Menigo is saving money across multiple resources. They used the MobiOne data to reduce the number of trucks needed in their supply chain. This reduced transport costs and the company’s environmental impact. They have also been able to improve the operational routines for loading and unloading by analyzing time and temperature in the trucks. This reduced the costs for cooling the trucks.

Menigo can now also guarantee legal compliance for their customers. By implementing and using the MobiTemp solution, they fulfill the laws and regulations from the Swedish National Food Agency and the new EU legislation.

The hard work and success with Menigo resulted in MobiOne becoming the leading supplier of Cold Chain Control (CCC) solutions in Sweden. Other large food and beverage industry companies are now MobiOne clients and using MobiTemp, including Norrmejerier (one of Sweden’s largest dairies), Kyl och Frysexpressen (one of Sweden’s largest food & beverage carriers), and Polfärskt (one of Sweden’s largest frozen bakery producers).

More details

MobiOne develops, sells and maintains standardized mobile applications within the logistics area. Our systems are customized standard deployment applications, service assignments, orders, inventory management and sales management. We provide demand analysis, development, implementation and support - especially in the form of ready-made solutions, but also as consultancy services. MobiOne is based in the Stockholm area. (

Menigo Foodservice AB is one of the largest suppliers to Sweden’s service market. Menigo supplies food, beverages, non-food items, and equipment to hotels, restaurants, schools, and more. Originally founded in 1944, Menigo was acquired by Sysco, the world’s leading food service provider, in 2016. Menigo is based in Stockholm, Sweden. (

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