Concarz helps Car Owners save more than 740 USD per year with Mobile Dashboards.

Car owners now know how their vehicle is used, no matter who is driving, thanks to Mobile Dashboards.

Description of business problem

Car owners with a private driver in India had no oversight on how their car was being used. The costs for wear and fuel consumption were high.

Solution that was provided

GpsGate with dashboards now gives the car owner cost control over the car in real time.

Business result

Car owners now save 740 USD per year in decreased fuel consumption.
Yuvraj Papriwal, Director at AutoCircus says “By using GpsGate Server we have successfully implemented an all-in-one solution, in which customer satisfaction has been achieved with tracking, vehicle security and early detection of vehicle problems. Also, opening up a possibility for corrective actions, we can ensure improved driving skills and maintain speed limits.”
Chintan, an Uber Taxi operator, states that, “after implementing this solution, it came to my knowledge, that my driver had been burning up an additional 2.4L of diesel fuel per day, in engine idling, mostly in the nights. After implementing restrictions on unnecessary usage, I now have an average saving of about 72L of fuel per month per vehicle!” The price of diesel in India is ~0,86 USD/Liter, saving up to 740 USD yearly per vehicle for this Uber Taxi operator.

Technical solution

Concarz implemented a solution of 4 dashboards:

      1. Driving : total mileage, duration and idling time
      2. Trip Details : per trip fuel, efficiency and mileage details
      3. Driver Behavior : Harsh Acceleration, Breaking, Turns and Speeding
      4. Vehicle Health and Security : Vehicle Health alerts like Diagnostic Trouble Codes or High engine coolant temperature and Vehicle Security alerts like Impact or Tow. (Based on severity, owner may be advised to take his vehicle to the service center.)
More information

If you want to try GpsGate Server, take advantage of a 30 day free trial.

AutoCircus Retail Pvt Ltd

Established in 2014, aims to give a solution to all possible vehicle needs of any owner, like spare parts, parking, insurance and servicing. Concarz is a brand name for the diagnostic and tracking solution. For more information:

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