Connect Teltonika tracking device to GpsGate Server

A quick step-by-step video tutorial on how to connect your Teltonika tracking device to your GpsGate Server installation.

To be able to follow this video tutorial you need the following:

  • GpsGate Server with VehicleTracker application
  • GpsGate Teltonika plugin installed
  • Teltonika tracking device FM41XX
  • SIM card with GPRS enabled
  • Teltonika FM41XX Configurator

If you’re running your own server installation make sure that you have opened port 12050 for TCP/IP in your firewall.

In this guide I’m using Teltonika FM4100 but you could apply the same procedure to almost any Teltonika tracking device such as GH1202, GH3000, FM3200, FM2200, FM4200 etc.


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