Connect your TomTom Bridge with GpsGate Server

We are proud to announce our new partnership with TomTom™. The partnership includes a solution for tracking, dispatching and navigation into one single device: TomTom Bridge. In it, we have integrated our GpsGate Android Tracker application, enabling the user to use a powerful navigation system with our tracking fleet solutions altogether. In this guide we will show how to setup the GpsGate Android Tracker with your TomTom Bridge device.

GpsGate Server: setup your user
  1. Login to your application and create a user of the type _Unit. More about user creation (video).
  2. Select the following settings in the Device configuration of the users:
  3. Where App ID is the ID of the application in the device’s registration screen. You will fill this information later (type any number here for the moment).
TomTom Bridge: download and install the app
  1. In your TomTom Bridge device go to the Bridge’s store.
  2. Find the GpsGate Tracker app in the list
  3. Select Free download
  4. Accept the terms and select Install
  5. After the installation, find the app in All apps shortcut.
  6. Open the app GpsGate in order to start the configuration
TomTom Bridge: setup the app
  1. With the application already opened, tap in the top-right menu and select Configure.
  2. On this screen you will see the App ID that has to be input at the beginning of this guide. Type on Register tracker to continue with the installation.
  3. Input your server’s IP address or DNS name. Leave the default port (it will be required to be opened in your firewall, more info here).
  4. Now you can enable both GPS Tracking and Server Connection services.
  5. Your TomTom device should now be connected to your application as any other device.
About Tomtom Bridge

TomTom BRIDGE is a powerful open navigation platform creating the customized services of tomorrow
Empower your company’s fleet, increase mobile worker performance and reduce costs. As an Android™ navigation platform, BRIDGE also allows you to create innovative customized services.

Bring world-class navigation and business applications together
Create innovative services tailor-made for your unique business needs, via a single device and platform. Help your mobile workers to make informed decisions, take fewer risks, and manage processes on the go –while cutting back on dispatchers’ workloads. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a deeper insight into your business from one connected mobile solution.

Super-charge your business processes
Move your business faster with TomTom BRIDGE offering you the best-in-class software navigation, the latest Maps and award-winning Traffic information. BRIDGE can help future-proof your business, allowing you to integrate all your business applications to create innovative services that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Use GpsGate Tracker to track your TomTom Bridge in real time on your GpsGate Server
GpsGate Server supports Real time tracking, Alerts, Notifications and Business reports to manage fleet usage. Lower your fleet related costs and improve customer satisfaction by better utilization of your vehicle fleets. Cost savings include lower fuel consumption, elimination of excessive idling, Effective job dispatching and better vehicle maintenance. Lower delivery times and increased dispatching capabilities improve customer satisfaction.

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