Connecting devices to GpsGate Server

Getting devices online on GpsGate Server.

This guide explains how to connect devices to GpsGate Server for the first time.

How to get online:
  • 1 - Configure the device to send data to your GpsGate Server Public IP Address (found on SiteAdmin/Devices) and the port for the device you are using.
  • public
  • 2 - Make sure that the device is configured correctly. Read the Trouble shooting guide and run the connectivity tests. If you get any trouble while connecting a device to GspGate Server review the Trouble shooting guide again.
  • tests
  • 3 - Turn on the device and put it under clear sky
  • 4 - Login to Site Admin
  • 5 - Click on “Devices” tab in Site Admin
  • 6 - If the device is sending data you will see “1 unknown device”
  • unknown
  • 7 - Click on “1 uknown device” button
  • 8 - Enter the information needed to assign the device to a new user and select the application the user will be added to.
  • info
  • 9 - Login to the applicaiton and you will see the device on line

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