December release: mobile workforce management with Dispatch

The new Dispatch is live and it's easier than ever to get started! Expanding your services through Dispatch helps you earn more revenue per customer, build a loyal customer base, and get more referrals.


Dispatch is end to end job management for companies with mobile workforces. New features make it easier to get started and faster to work in.

Easily manage the workforce in real-time
Managers and operators have full visibility into the real-time progress and stats of the workforce. They can see overall performance, or drill into a worker or job.

Easy job assignment - drag & drop and auto features
You can drag and drop jobs and routes to quickly assign them to workers. You can also set conditions to both auto-complete and auto-dispatch jobs. Autocompletion saves workers from marking routine jobs complete in the mobile app. Operators can save time by using the auto-dispatch feature, which automatically dispatches created jobs each day.

Dispatch mobile app
Workers can complete jobs in real-time in the field with the mobile app. They can also upload photos, get a customer signature for job sign-off, and even add comments and discuss a job with the operator.

It’s easy to get the mobile app rolled out to the workforce. Operators can see if a worker is missing the Dispatch app. They can send the app invite by SMS to all workers so they will be up and running in no time.

APIs and reporting for management
Dispatch is a powerful solution within GpsGate. You can also integrate and customize Dispatch. Access to APIs plus a ton of reporting options means that managers have exactly the information they need in the systems where they need it.

Government integrations

We’ve added two more government integrations this month.

Governments are adding GPS tracking to buses, taxis, and other transport to keep people safe. It can include SOS for emergencies and encourage safe driving. It can also help governments control logistics. Residents and tourists alike benefit from the increased safety.

In these countries, tracking partners must integrate with government systems to meet the new laws and rules. Sending data to those systems can be difficult. Since it can be hard to meet the rules, those who do have a great advantage. Compliant tracking companies can gain new customers.

GpsGate is here to help! We work with our tracking partners to complete the required integrations. Our tracking partners - and their end customers - are compliant when the new rules go into effect.

Click here to see a full list of the government integrations.

UX update - list sort order

This is the most exciting update that you won’t even notice. List sort order is one of the small details with a big impact in GpsGate. When lists are sorted in a way that makes sense to the brain, you never waste time finding the item you need. We’re moving to a natural sort order (instead of strict alphabetical order) to help you work better. This will be most noticeable in the vehicle and device lists, which often have odd names that contain both letters and numbers.To learn more about natural sort order, you can read the Wikipedia entry here.


As always, we are working to keep GpsGate the easiest system for business integration. APIs let you integrate with other business critical systems. Managers and office staff have all of the data they need, and in the systems where they need it.

Two new APIs have joined the list this month: POST/Users and POST/Geofences. Check out these and the rest of the REST APIs available in our developer portal.

Are you new to Dispatch?

All Dispatch features work with zero setup for GpsGate Cloud and GpsGate On-site customers.

The Dispatch panel walks you through getting started step by step with inline help text. It will assist you with creating your first worker, adding your first job, and even dispatching jobs to workers’ mobile apps.

If you want to participate in our product feedback group, sign up here. Otherwise, you can always send feedback to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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