Design Improvements

Today we are excited to share our thoughts on upcoming design improvements for GpsGate Server.

Lately we have received feedback from our users regarding our design and layout and have made a commitment to increase our efforts in this area. Moving forward we will release several smaller updates as we’re working to improve our interface and your experience when using it. We appreciate all the valuable input we’ve received and look forward to sharing our work with you. If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding our interface and possible improvements please visit this forum thread to contribute.

Throughout our product we strive for clarity, simplicity and consistency which will be reflected in the upcoming changes. The header image above is a sneak peak of our first release where we introduce a new set of buttons: the blue primary action button, the green save button, the grey secondary action button and the red removal button. The image below shows the small updates we have made to the panels so far with changes to the panel header, table header and buttons.

Click on the image to view it in full size

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