New Dispatch brings new sales opportunities to tracking partners

Offer more value to your customers with end to end task management for field workers! GpsGate Dispatch is redesigned to make it easier than ever to get started.

Tracking + Dispatch lets you sell and compete at a higher level. Dispatch is easy to use and brings high value to businesses with field workers. You can earn more revenue per customer, build a loyal customer base, and get more referrals with valuable services like the tracking + dispatch combination.

Dispatch provides end to end task management for service companies in the field.  It works seamlessly with GpsGate tracking. You can start testing the new Dispatch preview release today… just add the mobile app to your smartphone!

  • • Easily manage the workforce in real-time
  • • Drag & drop to assign jobs
  • • Workers complete jobs in the field with the Dispatch mobile app
  • • APIs and reporting for management
Assigning jobs and routes

Operators can ‘drag and drop’ both jobs and routes to assign them to workers. This saves operators time each day and gets jobs started fast by workers in the field.

Unassigned jobs now have their own tray at the top of the panel. This lets operators scroll through workers while always viewing what needs to be assigned. If operators need to save screen space, they can collapse the unassigned jobs tray.

Managing the workforce

The panel shows all of the critical job information operators need - no need to open each job.

Operators can right-click a job card to dispatch the job without opening it. Real-time job progress shows at the top of each job card to keep operators in the loop. Simply check the color of the top border and you know the status. For instance, a yellow job means that it is dispatched, but not yet started by the worker.

Routes have been redesigned so that operators can see more information at a glance. Each route is now a single card to provide operators with a better overview in the panel.

Finding the information you need is easier than ever with improved search. The search filter now works on any text in a job or route. For instance, you can search the description, location, worker name, etc.

Dispatch mobile app

We make it easy to be sure all of the workers have the mobile app. If an operator assigns a job to a worker without the app, they receive a warning.

There are step by step instructions for getting a worker online. The operator can reach out to the worker to be sure the app is downloaded, and even send them an SMS with a download link.

With the app, field workers always have the day’s schedule. If an operator changes their assigned jobs, the worker will see the updates in the app. Workers can mark jobs as completed, send pictures, and save notes. The information updates in real-time for operators back in the office. Operators can even send custom push notifications to workers via the app.

Auto-completing jobs

Auto-completing jobs is a key feature of Dispatch. Oftentimes with small jobs or daily routes, it isn’t time efficient to have a worker constantly in the mobile app updating job status. Autocompleting jobs keep operators updated in real-time without worker input.

However, a full day’s of jobs can be complex. You don’t want a job to incorrectly auto-complete hours before it is scheduled because you drive by the job site. A default setting means that only jobs scheduled within the hour will auto-complete. This keeps your job status correct and your operators informed.

Are you new to Dispatch?

All Dispatch features work with zero setup for GpsGate Cloud and GpsGate On-site customers.

The Dispatch panel walks you through getting started step by step with inline help text. It will assist you with creating your first worker, adding your first job, and even dispatching jobs to workers’ mobile apps.

Testing the new Dispatch

To test out the new Dispatch, install the preview release today.

If you want to participate in our product feedback group, sign up here. Otherwise, you can always send feedback to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

More details & resources

The preview release includes new features, design updates, and improvements across nearly every function. It’s easier than ever to use, but so powerful with back-end optimization, scripting, and APIs. To see all of the updates in the preview release, be sure to read the full preview release notes.

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