Complying with Bangkok DLT GPS Tracking Requirements for Taxis

Bangkok's Department of Land Transport's new regulations for taxis include GPS tracking. GpsGate's solution meets the DLT taxi tracking requirements and can help you avoid fines and downtime.

Thailand’s Department of Land Transport (DLT) is moving forward with new regulations to help keep passengers and taxi drivers safe in Bangkok. Over 80,000 cabs are expected to join the Taxi OK project, which will include installing real-time GPS tracking in their taxis. Other regulations are also expected to be introduced by the DLT to increase taxi safety. There will be DLT fines for non-compliance, so GPS tracking compliance with the DLT ruling is important. The DLT previously announced in 2016 that all public transportation vehicles and 10-wheeler trucks should be equipped with GPS tracking.

The goal of the taxi initiative is to protect both passengers and drivers, which should increase taxi ridership even more in the city. With ride hailing apps like Uber and Grab, and a new taxi hailing app through Line, competition for taxis is increasing, and compliance with the new regulations is necessary.

Taxis who use GpsGate’s GPS tracking software (with a tracking device in their cab) will be able to send data including location, speed, vehicle information, meter fare, and booking information to the DLT taxi data center. GpsGate has the capability to meet all of the Bangkok DLT GPS tracking requirements.The Taxi OK requirements include GPS tracking, an emergency button, digital meter display, and a driver’s license card reader. The Taxi OK app will let customers book taxis through their smartphones, and all taxis will need to be compliant in order to join the program.

While the government is mandating the new GPS tracking and can impose fines if taxis don’t comply, there are real benefits to the taxi companies if they work with the right provider. There are a lot of possible benefits for taxi companies. GpsGate’s solution allows more efficient dispatching, encourages safe driving and fewer wrecks, can reduce idle time, and can track car maintenance needs to keep taxis up and running. All help reduce costs and increase profits.

Talks of the taxi programs began in Spring 2017. The Taxi OK app was unveiled recently by the DLT, and the Taxi OK program should be active before 2018 – although fines for those who aren’t complying with the new GPS tracking requirement may start immediately. The DLT Taxi OK program will be joined by Taxi VIP, which will let passengers book higher-end larger taxis with better facilities/more services.

For current and prospective customers, please reach out to discuss your current GPS tracking devices and how these will integrate with the system. GpsGate has a full solution meeting the Bangkok DLT GPS tracking taxi regulations. For more information, contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or +46 8 612 50 70.

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