Drawing route geofences is now a snap

We've redesigned how you draw route geofences - they snap to roads, take into account road regulations, and more.

You can now draw highly accurate geofences in less time. With the snap to road feature, you’ll be on the right road going the right direction. Users can draw the route directly on the map and then make small (or large) changes quickly by dragging the route points.

You can plan routes without expert knowledge of the streets or areas. We consider things like one-way streets and turning restrictions. This also helps make the routes incredibly accurate.

With the increase in route accuracy, you also get increased reporting accuracy. Event rules built on the route geofences work seamlessly and alerts fire exactly when you need them to. Geofence accuracy is also key for features like Road Works. It makes actual vs. planned work reporting reliable and correct.

A few other things that make drawing route geofences in GpsGate great:

  • • The shortest travel time between points is automatically chosen.
  • • The street data is constantly updated using OSM planet data.
  • • Geofence features like ‘snap to road’ are map independent.

Many of our customers draw their geofences directly on the map for fast route planning. You can also import routes if you plan outside of GpsGate.

Check out the video below to see how to draw a route geofence in Road Works that takes a one-way street into account.

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