EPC dispatch vehicles 10 minutes faster with GpsGate Server

GpsGate Server has helped Electric Power Corporation (EPC, Samoa) to reduce the time to dispatch a vehicle by 10 minutes per customer visit. This has a big impact on the bottom line of EPC business.

Description of business problem

EPC wanted better utilization of their 80 service vehicles in a cost effective manner. The time to dispatch a vehicle to a service job was longer than necessary and this meant lost money and unnecessary customer frustration.

Solution that was provided

GpsGate Server was installed to enable dispatching of the closest vehicle to a service job directly from a real time map in a web browser. The fleet manager now has a real time view and control of the status of the fleet.

Nome Saili who is the EPC MIS/GIS Officer says: “GpsGate Server is an excellent and extremely affordable piece of software. It does everything I hoped for in an AVL out of the box and more. Already it has saved us significant resources, but more importantly improved our customer service by drastically reducing waiting time for fault service vehicles to arrive on site. Before we had overnight fault service jobs where we had to wait until morning to locate customers but not anymore with GpsGate Server dispatch tool”.

Business result

Average customer waiting time for a service vehicle has been reduced by ten minutes per job. This represents a significant cost saving and has enhanced customer satisfaction.

Nome Saili says that EPC that was running another tracking solution in the past has reduced the start up cost per vehicle by 1,000 USD. The monthly cost to run the system has been reduced by 10,000 USD per month.

Technical solution

GpsGate Server is running on Windows Server 2008. The mapping component is GeoServer and the database is MySQL. The tracking devices used are X1-Plus from Systech.

More information

If you want to try GpsGate server, start today with one of our 30 day free trial options.

Electric Power Corporation

Generate, distribute and retail power in Samoa. EPC has 98% coverage of Samoa. For more information: http://www.epc.ws/

Systems and Technology Corp.

Was established in 1987 with vision of innovating and providing tracking solutions, geographical information systems and navigation. For more information: http://www.systech.com.tw

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