New event panel + all new features

Check out the preview release! Manage events like never before. A fully redesigned event interface gives you tons of ways to see events in real-time. Other features help create auditable trails.

Events are more visible, more trackable, and more easily managed than ever before. Read more about the features below or get started today.

Where can you see events?

  • • Map: on each user icon (click to see more detail in the panel)
  • • Vehicle list: per user in an events column
  • • Notification bars: by event type
  • • Event panel: by event type, date, user, and more

How can you manage events?

  • • View events by user, event type, location, or time occurred
  • • Add comments when closing events, creating an audit trail
New layout and features

Notification bars show unseen events. just click to refresh and instantly see only new events.

The event panel overview (with card carousels) makes it easy to see events by type, plus new alerts as they occur in real-time. You can also go to list view and filter by type and date.

The vehicle list and map show events by user. Operators know exactly what is happening with individual users.

User icons on the map show events for each user. Operators can click on a user to see all open events.

The vehicle list view lets you sort users by events. Operators can identify which users to check on, and quickly see the events for a user.

Closing an event with comments is now possible. This ensures that security protocols are followed and documented.

How will your customers benefit?

Trackable and auditable records
Managers know exactly when and where events occured. They also know who closed them and when, why they were closed, and what happened before they were closed. You can be sure required protocols are followed.

Scalable solution
We’ve optimized the map, event panel, and user list UI to handle many events across all fleet sizes. Operators and managers have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Install the preview release to get access to the new features!

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