Event rule status display gets an upgrade with the January release

Our new approach to event rule status display will really give you something to look at. Custom icons and colors galore!

We are driven by technology, working to be the most powerful GPS tracking software on the market since GpsGate Server’s introduction in 2007. This past fall, we set our sights on also having the most user-friendly GPS tracking software. Today’s release is another preview of the direction in which we’re heading.

Focus: system scalability

Much of today’s release is behind the scenes, increasing the app’s responsiveness and processing speed. This builds on our December release, which greatly increased the scalability of GpsGate Server. Details are in the full release notes.

Focus: user interface

One corner of the application got a brand-new redesign in this release: the event rule status display in the Vehicles panel. It now lets fleet managers stay on top of their fleet activity by tracking many more rules at a glance via symbols. The user-friendly redesign is chock full of new icons that will change the way you view event rules.

You can now choose from over 200 icons and 100 colors to customize the event rules status display in the Vehicle panel. You can choose completely different icons and completely different colors for active vs. inactive status. A search option lets you easily find a suitable icon.

It’s easy to implement, and the change in the UI is easy on the eyes. For example, a battery level rule might show a fully charged green battery vs. a half charged orange battery. The screenshot below shows a Vehicle list with custom icons for battery status and speed.

In the previous version, event rule status was displayed by a dot, with your chosen color indicators for active and inactive. With the new icon & color combinations, more event rules can easily be displayed without confusion. You should see a marked improvement in the usability of the interface with this update.

Time to get creative and see what really showcases the key rules in your applications! Which icons and colors work best? Update your server to see the new feature.

More details

In case you need more convincing to update, the January release also includes:

  • • Command Panel improvements - it’s ready for 25,000 vehicles, and includes responsive design
  • • Faster import of large CSV files
  • • Faster reporting
  • • Server/message received timestamp added to historical track points

To see all of the release notes, check out the forum post here: January release notes.

If you want to learn more about our December release, which introduced enhanced system scalability, click here.

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