February’s release brings more user interface updates

Geofences are critical to many of the businesses using GpsGate. This month's release includes a geofence panel redesign.

The February release keeps the focus on GpsGate’s core strengths and mission. You will see continued scalability and user interface updates. One big feature release is an overhaul of the geofences panel. This blog will provide a high level overview of the redesign and how it’s scalable, user-friendly, and customizable. We will also have a separate deep dive blog.

Focus: scalability

The new geofences panel uses cards and carousels to provide a better overview. We also used this approach with Dispatch. It lets you see a lot of complicated information at a glance. You can easily identify the groups (parents) and geofences (children). For businesses with many geofences, the panel overview is manageable and user friendly.

Geofence searching lets geofencing scale to meet the needs of all sizes of customers. You can quickly find a group or a geofence by typing in the search box, even if you are searching among thousands. Queries run faster than ever and make managing geofences easy.

Focus: user interface

The new card and carousel approach is familiar to our customers who use dispatch. This approach is a huge step forward for the geofences user interface. You see the critical information, and can view many more geofence groups on the panel. It is easier than ever to add a group or add a geofence with the friendly + blue buttons.

Adding, editing, and viewing geofences should be faster and easier. The new workflow recognizes the three as different actions. It has also streamlined the process of adding geofences. It now takes fewer clicks and has a memory of the most recent type added. Editing and viewing geofences was also overhauled. Your overview panel is for viewing/reading. Editing a geofence opens the form in a new window.

Focus: customization

GpsGate is fully customizable, and geofences are only one piece of this. However, they are a critical one. You have multiple geofence types - circle, polygon, and route. You define down to the coordinate or address exactly where you want your geofence. Geofences also power custom event rules. This allows the application to work exactly the way each business needs.

More details

Additional February release features:

  • • Improved security
  • • Faster track reading and app creation
  • • Automatic log cleanup
  • • Cluster content listing

To see all of the release notes, check out the forum post here.

To read a deep dive post on the details of the new geofence panel design, read our geofence panel blog.

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