Google Maps API update

Alert: Google has updated the Google Maps API, and it is NOT backwards compatible. Update your GpsGate Server today to continue using Google Maps & get access to ALL of the new GpsGate features!

GpsGate customers should update their servers immediately to fix issues with the Google Maps renderer. If your business uses GpsGate software, you should always run the latest version.

Why it’s critical for your business to run the latest GpsGate version
  • Keep your production system secure. You need to protect your business critical systems!
  • Stay competitive in the industry. You get access to new plugins, software updates, and enhancements in the platform.
  • Influence our product roadmap. We can only help you with new feature requests if you have valid software updates and support.

Need more reasons to update? New features might generate more revenue for your business, and we have a release every month.

Updating means new features each month

We release exciting new features every month. The top features from May’s release are below. How could your business benefit?

  • Share location lets you show real-time driver location to customers.
  • Map layers let you select exactly what shows - view any combination of events, geofences, POI, and vehicles.
  • Force logout lets server administrators reset sessions on a user, application, and server basis.
  • System messages let server administrators send important updates to users directly in the application.
  • REST API additions and faster reporting

And that’s only one release! Recent releases have included geofence updates, application-level branding, back-end work on system speed & scalability, tons of UI changes, and more. How much have you missed since your last update? You can get all of the recent release notes here.

So… are you ready to update? GREAT!

Head to SiteAdmin now and update your plugins. You’ll get a compatible Google Maps and access to all of the features listed above.

You must be a current GpsGate customer with Software Updates & Support in order to update your plugins. Don’t have it?

• Move to our new Cloud and On-site options that let you pay as you go. You pay monthly only for what you use, and Support & Updates are always included. Google Maps can be added to On-site and Cloud for $1 a month per device. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to convert your account.

• Purchase a year extension of Software Updates & Support for your current licenses. Please note, Google Maps is not included with legacy licenses. It can be purchased separately for on-site customers.

More details

Read more about the Google Maps rendering update on Google Maps developer site.
Read more about the May release here.

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