GPS in browser

GpsGate Client can make your web page position aware. Fill in the location as part of a web form, or display your position on a map in the browser. The possibilities are endless as GpsGate Clients connects your GPS to the web. And it is free without time limits.

Chris has made a cool sample on how to turn your laptop + browser into a car navigator. You find a video here. And the actual car navigation web page here. It requires a laptop with GpsGate Client installed and a GPS.

If you make some cool web page using GpsGate Client, please send it to us and we will make a little blog of it to spread the message!

1. Download GpsGate Client here

2. Make sure you add “GPS in Browser” as Output.

Here is a simple sample on how to add the GPS position to a web form. And here a simple map with your live position. Full reference information for developers can be found here

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Install it on your own server. The installation is free for 5 users.

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