GpsGate Android Tracker Quick Registration update

With the latest release of the Android device types in GpsGate Server and the release of version 1.0.69 and above of GpsGate Tracker Android app it is now possible to use Android devices that do not contain telephony capabilities. You can now use any Android device with a data connection and a GPS tracker to connect to GpsGate Server quickly and easily. Just pick our ”Android WiFi Only” device type to get started.

We have also added a range of options to be able to connect your Android devices in the way you feel most comfortable while also improving the experience of our new Quick Registration feature to guide device users even if they have not installed the GpsGate Tracker Android app yet. These options are available to all Android devices, not just the new Android WiFi Only device type.

Getting started with GpsGate Tracker

GpsGate Server Installation

GpsGate Server Android WiFi Only support requires you to update your server to the latest patches.

  1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
  2. Go to the Plugins tab.
  3. Under My Plugins tab, make sure all plugins are up to date.

Setting up the Android app

  1. Visit the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Download our app by searching for ”GpsGate Tracker” or following this link.
  3. After installing from Google Play open the app so that it can initialise.
Registering GpsGate Tracker with GpsGate Server
  • Click Add new User.
  • Select the Android WiFi Only device type.
  • Add the App ID found on the configuration page in the app.

    Add the App ID
  • Click Save to add the device.

You may now register your GpsGate Tracker Android app from either the server or from within the app itself.

Registering from the server

When you save the device in GpsGate Server you will be prompted with a popup that looks like this.

New Quick Registration popup

In this window you have the option to register the app on the device by:

  1. Scanning the QR code with a barcode scanning app on the device and following the link.
  2. Clicking the button to send an email to the device and following the link.
  3. Copying the URL directly from the box and sending it in any way you wish to the device and following the link.

Following the link in the device internet browser will send you to this page.
Note: We recommend you use Chrome for Android, web registration may not work reliably in other browsers

Android registration website

As we have installed the GpsGate Tracker Android app already we can skip the optional step one and proceed straight to Step 2. Tap Step 2, Register your tracker to request a registration.

We should be presented with a popup that asks us if we would like to register on the server. Check to make sure that the details are correct and match your server and tap to Accept.

Accept registration popup

We are now ready to start tracking!

Start tracking

Registering from the device

We can also register the server directly from the device. To do this:

Navigate to the Configure page inside the GpsGate Tracker Android app.

Configuration setting

If you do not already have a server registered, you will see a button called Register tracker, tap this now to open the registration form.

Registration form

Enter your server information into the form. If you are registering a device that supports SMS you might be asked to enter your Device Phone Number too, if you are, enter it here.

Registration accept popup

Tap Register tracker to request a registration to the server.

Check all the details in the confirmation popup window and Accept if they are all correct.

Accept registration popup

We are now ready to start tracking!

Start tracking

More Information

This extended Quick Registration functionality is designed to work with our recently released GpsGate Tracker for Android. This Android app allows you to turn Android devices into assets tracked by GpsGate Server and also integrates with our new Mobile Plugin and Mobile Dispatch Plugin.

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