GpsGate Dispatch 5

Today’s beta release of Dispatch 5 introduces Android and iOS native apps for mobile workers, a system that is scalable and faster, and increased reporting capabilities. There is an updated interface and improved route optimization. Read more to learn what this means for your business.

Dispatch 5 scales to operations of all sizes and native mobile apps (both Android and iOS) give workers in the field real-time system access. There are improvements to the back-end and front-end application. We’ve reworked the service to speed up data processing for job distribution, reporting, and the web & mobile app user interfaces. Our analytics focus on data that drive improvements in operational efficiency, and the reporting is fully customizable for businesses to see the metrics they need.

Key New Features

Mobile Dispatch – increased efficiency in the field

Android and iOS native apps give mobile workers responsive and easy-to-use job management while in the field. The apps include turn-by-turn navigation, real-time job management, and offline functionality for workers operating without data connectivity. Companies can send real-time updates and stay connected to their mobile workforce.

Android Calendar iOS Map

Download the Android app here.

Raw Speed – faster imports, route optimization & processing

You’ll notice huge improvements in speed and system responsiveness, and the application now scales with server resources. With a fast server, job imports are completed in the blink of an eye and job edits are pushed live in real-time to the connected workforce. The system scales to support the needs of growing businesses.

Analytics – improve business processes, reduce costs, and increase profits

All the stats a business needs to evaluate the day’s company/employee performance are in one Analysis panel. Companies have high level performance statistics in one interface, and the ability to customize reports at a company, department, or worker level.

Dispatch Analyse

  • • Track operator efficiency with statistics on jobs assigned.
  • • Track workforce efficiency with statistics on job completion.
  • • See % of jobs completed on-time vs. late and see all jobs in progress.

And that’s not all! Dispatch 5 also introduces other new and revamped features including an updated dispatch interface (in keeping with our promise to modernize our UI) and better route optimization (way faster and with more options). To help you get started with Dispatch 5, we’ve linked to some training exercises in the Related Topics section below.


Join our priority beta feedback group to shape the ongoing Dispatch development – every week, you’ll get a ‘deep dive’ on a Dispatch feature and a specific feature feedback request. Sign up here.

NOTE - This is a beta release and is not yet available for live servers. We encourage you to use it on your testing server. With your feedback, we will be squashing bugs and polishing the user experience. Update your test server from the plugin repository by installing Dispatch plugin update version or higher.

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