Open source apps for 100% custom client experience

Our mobile Dispatch app is now open source! You can develop exactly what your customers need using our source code.

By going open source with our Dispatch app, we are letting developers create fully custom mobile experiences. GpsGate has always been easy to customize, but this is a whole new level.

Open source app: dispatch

Our Dispatch app is in use each and every day in the field by our customers and their end users. By releasing the source code, we are allowing ultimate access.

Open source lets you create custom applications with branding, additional features, and more. You can develop exactly what your customers need now, and never wait on us to add a feature.

You may have in-house expertise, or you may decide to outsource your efforts. But with the right talent, you can make the app ‘your own.’

How could you use it?

  • • Custom branding for your business and your clients
  • • Integrated customer profiles so that sales people know who they are visiting next
  • • Markers on worker’s map showing information from your other business systems
  • • Sharing contact details between company address book and jobs
  • • Integrated job and customer history so that your field workers are in the know about recent visits
How to get started - the new developers page

Our new developer area gives developers everything they need. We have information and documentation for both open source apps and our public APIs. You can also join the GpsGate community on GitHub. We’ll see you there!

More details

Our philosophy is that GpsGate should work exactly as each customer needs it to. We believe in letting our customers build on GpsGate, and so we will continue to introduce other apps as open source. GpsGate Server will remain proprietary.

With open source apps and new public APIs, we’ve found a way to go even further. You can have custom mobile experiences and integrated business systems. To learn more about what’s possible with our APIs, check out our recent blog on REST custom panels.


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