GpsGate Server 3.0, it is finally here!

We have made a serious effort to make life easier for our many partners and users. This is a step from a useful to a great platform for GPS tracking, and still it is just the beginning.

GpsGate Server 3.0

Start simple, and grow. GpsGate will give you the simple start and not limit you as you grow. As an end user, as a tracking partner, as a developer you have a start and a future with GpsGate. Out of the box GpsGate gives you a quick start with GPS tracking, a simple start which can easily be extended as you become a more advanced user and partner.

Manage the server without effort. Using GpsGate Server 3.0 it is easier to setup and manage your server. New features - “plugins” - can be downloaded and installed by the administrator with some simple clicks in the web interface. Download from a large and growing library of reports, features like “POI” and “Dispatch”, language files, application templates and device drivers. Third party developers can also make plugins available for download. GpsGate is the GPS tracking platform you can build and grow from and there is no limit to how you can extend and customize it.

Customize applications. As an administrator you can build up your own application using point and click. No programming necessary. Include the features you need in the application, customize the workspaces and work flows. Save the finished application as a Template, which you add to new customers with a few mouse clicks. In this way you can setup simple real time tracking applications, with not more than a map view. Or complex dispatch applications, with a set of customized reports. By including and excluding features and workspaces to your customers applications, you can easily up-sell and upgrade applications as customers get more advanced needs.

Powerful and flexible reports. GpsGate allows you to create and customize reports with point and click only. Reports are generated instantly without delay, can be sent by email and exported to Excel. You can easily add an extra column to a report, or create a new from scratch. We are well aware of that reporting has been a weak spot in earlier GpsGate releases, this is now fixed and we are on the right track. From this release we can add reporting as one of the key strength of GpsGate. Distance and idling reports. Fuel consumption report. Green driving reports. Event counting reports. They all start in GpsGate.

GpsGate for Tracking Partners. Each and every partner we have is the key to our success. We have listened carefully from all feedback we have received, and we will continue to do so. Some of the key features you get in 3.0 as a partner are; much easier to manage and setup applications; make it possible to up-sell your customers by including and excluding features. Make unique solutions using point and click. A long range of truly value adding features like Dispatch, POI, Chat, Reporting etc.

GpsGate for developers. GpsGate is built up from modules and plugins. When we internally develop new features in GpsGate, we use the same APIs as we publish on our web site. All protocols, APIs, and data formats are open. As a developer you can extend the user interface, integrate external business systems, integrate new GPS trackers and much more. Plugins developed by third parties can be installed on any GpsGate Server using the new easy to use plugin download and install feature.

What’s next. We will continue to improve the current feature set. And we will step by step release new cool, useful and sometimes groundbreaking plugins from our web repository. We will publish a range of blogs which explains the value and how to get the most out of GpsGate during the spring. This is just the start, please let us know what you think, and continue to give all your valuable feedback!

To upgrade to 3.0 from earlier versions, please click here. To get started with GpsGate Server for the first time, click here.

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