GpsGate Server 5

A platform that lets you grow.
This update includes platform changes that enables us to build a modern and scalable high-performing system with high availability.

GpsGate Server will be built from multiple standalone Micro Services to make it possible, when needed, to run it on multiple computers.

Storing and retrieving track data is the number one I/O intensive part of GpsGate Server which made it a good first candidate to break out into a Micro Service.
As a result of decoupling track storage from GpsGate NMEA Service, the performance has increased significantly; we can now handle more reporting devices and we are able to utilize batch writes to the database where available.

It will always be possible to run GpsGate Server on one machine. However, if needed to accommodate for the growth of your business, it will be possible to run GpsGate Server on a cluster of machines; allowing to handle even more devices and adding redundancy to your data.

For Vehicle Tracker users the transition of architecture is completely transparent. For the operational and administrative part, upgrading and maintaining the system will be much the the same. Our goal is to build a system that is easy to maintain regardless if you run a small or big business, or if it runs on one or multiple machines. The system will still be 100% managed through our Site Admin interface.

In this first step, the system will run on one machine while the cluster version will be available in the upcoming months.
The track storage Micro Service will run under JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and therefore you will notice a java.exe process which runs part of the system.

Try it out by upgrading Core from repository

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