GpsGate openness and flexibility

Out of the box GpsGate is a great GPS tracking and telematics platform, which you can start using without much experience. As you grow and get more complex needs advanced features are available to setup the exact configuration you need. GpsGate can be extended and customized by administrators using configuration, and by developers using the rich set of APIs available.

GpsGate is an open product. GpsGate allows you to start small and grow big, both from a business and technology perspective. We want to offer you choice and help you find the best possible tracking solution with a rich and intuitive end user experience.

Below is a list of areas where GpsGate functionality adds great value to our customers world wide.

Multiple maps
Multiple map support is very important as many regions have maps with local information and many customers have additional map data required for their business. GpsGate Server supports a large number of maps and you can add your own maps if required. Maps that are already used in implementations around the world include: Ayna Maps, Baidu, Bing Maps, FreeMap Israel, Google Maps, Map24, OneMap, OpenLayers, Yahoo Maps, and a large number of private maps in shape file and bitmap formats.

Tracking devices and clients
More than 300 tracking devices are supported in GpsGate Server. This includes vehicle mounted tracking devices, satellite tracking devices, personal tracking devices, asset tracking devices and software clients. Software clients are available for Windows laptops, Windows Mobile devices, Android smartphones, Blackberry and Nokia smartphones.

Support for new devices is continuously added. You can also use the open GpsGate protocol to integrate your own device or application to communicate directly with GpsGate Server.

Language support
The GpsGate Server user interface has already been translated to 13 different languages and more are being continuously added by GpsGate users around the world. You can easily edit the existing language files and within a business day you can make a new translation for your installation.

Database support
GpsGate Server supports both MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.

Installation options
You can subscribe to GpsGate tracking solutions as a service hosted and managed by us. You can also download the software and install it on your own server. Both models use the same software and offer equal functionality. What model you choose depends on your business requirements and technical skills.

System integration options
You can connect your GpsGate Server to other systems with several integration methods. You can use the SOAP and Javascript API:s, you can also use http web services or create TCP/IP connections using the open GpsGate Server protocol.

GpsGate technical forum
The open GpsGate forum is a great place to start if you want to find an answer or ask a question about GpsGate products. The forum also covers information about new features, new releases, bug fixes and other technical guides. This is where GpsGate staff and helpful GpsGate users around the world share experiences and ideas.

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In our efforts to improve further we welcome your input when you have requirements you need help with.

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