GpsGate Server helps reduce costs for Story Group

GpsGate Server can help reduce cost in many vertical markets. An example is Story Group in UK that can offer tracking services in all divisions in the group at a low cost. By implementing GpsGate Server Story group can save money on fuel consumption, avoid unnecessary usage of the fleet and minimize idle time.

Business problem

Story Group wanted to use their vehicle fleet in an optimal way but had no tools to follow up how vehicles had been used. Fuel was an escalating cost for the group and they wanted to monitor the consumption in a reliable way across the group. There were also incidents where vehicles had been stolen without a trace.

Business Result

James Haile who is Transport Workshop Manager in Story group says “The reason for using GpsGate server was to allow us as a business to monitor the usage of our vehicles and enforce a strict company policy on speeding. It also allows us to check the site based staff hours and it has proved to be very helpful if a vehicle has been stolen. We can link the mileage data to our fuel usage data to create accurate miles per gallon statistics. Our cost savings include that we are able to track unauthorized usage of vehicles, check that hours paid on a job match the time staff was on site, reduce speeding which saves fuel and the possibility to save money on insurance costs”.

Technical solution

GpsGate Server is used as the backend tracking server and Teltonika FM4200 is the tracking device used. Users can follow the fleet in a web GUI on a PC or on mobile phones (when they are out in the field).

More Information

If you want to try GpsGate Server, take advantage of our 30 day free trial.

Story Group

Is a leading multi-disciplinary company based in the north west of England specialising in: building and civil engineering, rail infrastructure services, private house building and strategic land acquisition/development.


Is a manufacturer of high quality tracking devices that are sold globally. Teltonika was founded in 1998 and is based in Vilnius in Lithuania.

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