Stockholm GTUG at GpsGate

On the 15th of March 2012 GpsGate had the privilege to host the monthly Stockholm Google Technology User Group.

Stockholm GTUG

About 80 IT professionals gathered to listen to great stuff enjoying a sandwich and a beer.

We went through the following agenda:

  • GpsGate introduction - Johan Franson, GpsGate, introduced the audience to GpsGate and talked about how you can get the benefits of the cloud concepts without submitting all your sensitive data to the cloud
  • JQuery Mobile - Fredrik Blomqvist, GpsGate, explained how the new GpsGate Mobile web application was built based on JQuery Mobile and Ajax, he also did a smal demonstration. GpsGate Mobile is a light weight interface for iPhone and Android to the GpsGate Server GPS tracking platform. Fredriks slides to the JQuery mobile presentation can be found here
  • Box2D - Johan Maasing & Daniel Sundberg presented Box2D, a free open source 2-dimensional physics simulator engine written in C++ that is used in Angry Birds and a lot of other applications. This was a great introduction with demonstrations of Java Box2D on Android and JavaScript Box2D in the browser and discussions about Box2D’s suitability for different physics implementations.

You can re-live the GTUG event in 4 minutes below!

Thank you all for your time, great questions and appetite!

Here is the link to Stockholm GTUG

Best regards,
GpsGate AB

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