How to create an Event Rule Report

Video tutorial on how to create an Event Rule Report.

The video below shows you how to set up an Event Rule that will alert on vehicles that have been idle with their ignition turned on for more then ten minutes. After that we will explain how to view the compiled result using Event Rule Reports. You’ll also get a brief introduction to the the Device mapper. 

To follow the guide you need to have the latest Reporting plug-in and Event Rule Report plug-in installed on your server.



Not mentioned in the tutorial is that you can not only view the generated Event Rule Report in the VehicleTracker interface but you can also send the Report over E-mail in HTML format or as CVS file. To do that you need to have “E-mail Schedule” activated (set in the create Report step).

Also not mentioned is that the Report will process itself over night if you do not use the Process now option shown in the video.

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