Introducing smarter and more flexible map markers

Map markers are redesigned to show important vehicle information at a glance. Operators can see status changes without drilling down to individual vehicles.

Each second of the day counts, and with GpsGate, fleet status is obvious by glancing at the map. Operators and managers can work faster and smarter. They see the vehicle info they need on the map without drilling down to individual vehicles.

The markers are customizable, to give each customer the best business value. What crucial information do they need to see? Display it on the map to save them time.

Since each fleet customer has different needs, you can mix and match to create the ideal markers. You can display motion (e.g. is the vehicle in motion, idling, parked, or offline), engine temperature, battery level, and more on the position marker and label. The label can be customized with color, icons, text, and status indicators. You decide how many or few details to show on the vehicle label and the click-to-expand marker attributes.

Preview release information

We invite you to test the preview release. You can find out more information in the full release notes or in the Support article.

Your feedback will help us to continue to improve the map markers.

  • • How are your customers using map markers to manage their fleets?
  • • What information do you commonly display on the markers?
  • • How can we improve them to help your customers work smarter?
  • • Do you have other suggestions?

Send them our way by emailing us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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