Introducing the new default workspace

Now available in preview release! It's optimized to provide a quick fleet overview and reduce clicks.

Why did we redesign the default workspace?
The default workspace is an important element of the Vehicle Tracker. It is the first screen you see when you log into a new application. It’s also widely used by many of our tracking partners and their customers. The default workspace must be an effective user interface for the most common tracking use cases.

Our default workspace was untouched for years, so we knew it was time for a redesign. The result is a workspace that is simpler, more functional, and smarter than ever.  We’ve talked a lot about the user experience lately and this redesign is another way we’re continually improving.

What’s new?
The new design provides the high-level view you need for general fleet tracking. As soon as you open your application, you have a bird’s eye view of the fleet. There aren’t a lot of panels and extra information to distract you.

To improve usability and decrease clicks, we’ve introduced a smart Tracks panel. When you click ‘track’ in the Vehicles panel, the Tracks panel will auto-open.

How do I get access?
It’s available in preview release now, and will be in the general May release. You can update your beta server now to get early access. When you update your server to the May release, the new default workspace will apply to all applications (new and existing). See the links in the ‘Details and Resources’ section to learn more.

Wait! I need a custom workspace.
The new default workspace should greatly improve the experience for average end users. We recognize that some companies have special tracking use cases that aren’t covered by the default workspace. For these customers, we encourage taking advantage of the customization available in GpsGate.

You can add and remove panels, plus drag and drop panels to arrange your workspace exactly how you need it. These custom workspaces can be specific to job roles or even specific employees. A custom workspace can also be configured to show as the default workspace. This lets each company have a workspace that is perfectly suited to their needs.

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