January 2020 release: browser tab event notification

Stay informed about fleet activity even when you are working in other browser tabs! You can now see an event notification on your browser tab icon.

Event notifications in the browser tab

With smarter notifications, you’re always up to date even when you’re not actively working in the application. Events will trigger a notification icon on the favicon/tab icon for GpsGate. This is a cue for operators, managers, and other GpsGate users to return to the application, check on the fleet, and handle the event.

The notification is clear, but small and subtle so that you can handle it when you are ready.

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Road Works
Winter weather is raging on in many parts of the world. Track fleet activities like snowplowing, or even road marker painting and street paving.  Learn more here.

More details & resources

The January release also includes tweaks to localization, icons, the edit user form, and more.

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