January release: enhanced branding for tracking partners

Expanded branding options are now live for tracking partners. The release also includes new REST and map resources plus some Dispatch UI updates.

Better branding for tracking partners

We are excited to start 2019 with a release that focuses on our tracking partners. Our white-label tracking software has always allowed our tracking partners to rebrand the software. A commonly requested feature is even more flexibility with branding, and enhanced branding is now live.

Tracking partners can now brand the Vehicle Tracker application log in page. You select the logo and the color to truly reflect your branding. You can also customize the text on the application log in screen. Share your latest blog, notify customers about an update, and more.

Your customers are reminded of you and the value you bring each time they log in to the app.

To learn more about how to build your brand and provide value through branding, click here.

Dispatch UX update: list sort order

Bringing natural sort order to the vehicle tracker application was a key user experience upgrade in December. We are adding this throughout the application and plugins. Natural sort order will now apply to the worker list in Dispatch.

Natural sorting makes things easier to find in long lists, especially when complicated object names are involved. This is common in Vehicle Tracker applications, where names often contain letters and numbers.

In the coming year, we will continue to add natural sorting throughout GpsGate. To read more about natural sort order in GpsGate, click here. For a quick overview of natural sort order, read more here.

And more!

The January release contains additional updates and changes.

There are two new parameters now available for the Get Tracks REST API. You can now specify a time period on a date using ‘from’ and ‘until.’ To check out all of the REST APIs available, click here.

What3Words geocoding supported
Customers who provide services where street addresses are less common will benefit from a what3words integration. What3words (a geocoding system) assigns a three-word combination to geographic coordinates. so you can pinpoint and share a location when an address isn’t available. For example, GpsGate’s office is at wooden.shadows.pictured.

To see the full list of updates, please visit the release notes linked below.

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