Join the GpsGate webinar for tracking partners about Reporting

We want you to get the most out of the Reporting framework in GpsGate Server. Join us on April 13th, 2016 to discover many cool features that you can use to customize your reports in order to keep your customers happier.

In this webinar we will cover the following topics about customization and capabilities in the Reporting framework:

  • Reporting overview and basic concepts
  • How to localize your reports (ex: add translation keys for different customer’s languages)
  • How to add charts to your reports
  • How to add images to your reports using HTML (ex.: add your company logo).
  • How to use scripts in the report layout (ex: change the output based on input values)
  • How to add variables to your reports (ex: if you want a new field)
  • Report Troubleshooting and best practices
  • Questions/Answers

Date and time

Time: April 13th, 2016 at 17:00 (5:00 PM, Central European Time “CET”)
Duration: 1 hour.
If you need to convert your time zone you can use this tool

How to register

Register here. We will send you the login details after receiving your request a few days before the webinar’s date.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Webinar on April 13th!

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