July release: ETA, app switcher, and more!

Celebrate summer with new GpsGate features. July's preview release has new functionality for Vehicle Tracker, Dispatch, Dashboards, and more.

Even though it’s summer vacation, we are staying busy. Today’s preview release has both our partners and our end users in mind, with a ton of new features and options to make workdays easier. Read on to learn more.

App switcher for fast login between apps

The days of logging out of the current app in order to log into another app are gone! Our app switcher feature is designed to save you time and hassle. You can now switch between applications without logging in and out. A user can select any application they have access to from a dropdown in Vehicle Tracker. They are immediately moved into the selected application.

You can even go directly into Site Admin from the app switcher. For users with Site Admin access, it will show in the dropdown.

Note: the app switcher will be visible if the user has _WebLogin privileges to multiple applications.

New ETA in Dispatch

Displaying the estimated time of arrival in dispatch for all active jobs is now possible. Operators will be able to stay ahead by knowing the ETA for each job or customer visit.

ETAs are constantly updated as position data is received. As the field worker nears the job address, the ETA is updated more frequently. You know exactly where your workers are, and when they will arrive at the job site.

Document custom fields in Dispatch

Document custom fields are a new way to share job information between field workers, operators, and managers. Workers and operators can upload reports in PDF format to jobs. PDF reports can be viewed in the mobile app or in the browser.

And don’t forget - dispatch already includes a ton of ways to share real-time job information between field workers and the home office. Sign on glass lets customers sign off on jobs or deliveries on the spot. Custom media fields let workers upload photo, video, and audio files. Documenting and sharing real-time job site conditions keeps workers and businesses safe and efficient.

Dashboard graphs get a BIG upgrade - the ability to enlarge

The dashboard includes a lot of important information… but it’s only helpful if you can see it. Dashboard graphs can now be enlarged to easily view data points. This small feature tweak makes a BIG impact. Simply click on the magnifying glass for any of the dashboard items and the graph will show in the full dashboard window.

Dashboards are easier than ever to create and edit

Dashboard item deactivation

Unused dashboard items can now be deactivated rather than just deleted. Your deactivated dashboard item will no longer run in the background, collect data, or show on the dashboard panel. This saves server resources and keeps your vehicle tracker running fast.

However, the deactivated dashboard item setup remains (with color, name, expression, etc.). You can easily reactivate it in the future.

Default dashboards

When you enable the Dashboard feature for a Vehicle Tracker app, you now get access to default items. There is no need to create dashboard items for commonly tracked stats. You’ll have the following available:

  • • fleet distance
  • • fleet idle time
  • • vehicles idling
  • • vehicles moving
  • • vehicles ON

Custom translation

You can now add custom translation to your dashboard. This helps you keep your vehicle trackers localized and tailored to your client needs.

Event rule & condition-based dashboard items

Dashboard items can be condition-based and can now also be event rule-based again. This lets you build dashboard items that show exactly the data you need. Condition-based dashboard items are often a better choice, so identify your needs before setup. Condition-based items are optimized, scale better with larger servers, simpler to set-up, and provide a pie chart option.

More details & resources

The release also includes a new MessageProvider resource, which allows you to manage your message providers. For more details on this and all of the other updates, see the full release notes.


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