June release: a more advanced device simulator

The device simulator now supports variables for more advanced demos and testing. Plus we've made installing the first device available directly in the application - no need to go to Site Admin to get started.

Device simulator

Among this month’s improvements to the new device simulator, the most important addition is support for variables. You can simulate things like an SOS signal from the driver in addition to simulating a vehicle traveling a route. What else can you simulate? See the list below and the partial screenshot.

  • • SOS
  • • harsh driving: braking, turning, and acceleration
  • • temperature
  • • speed
  • • fuel level
  • • Need to use other inputs? You can also add more variables to fit your device simulator use cases.

Let us know how you use the new simulator for testing, demos, and training at your company!

Getting started: adding your first device

When you create a new application in GpsGate, the first thing you often do is add a device. You can now add a device (including installing the plugin!) directly in the Vehicle Tracker - no need to leave the application.

When you first log in to a new application with no devices, a popup window will help you either use a simulated device or get a tracking device or smartphone connected. This new process helps partners set up new clients and give demos more effectively, plus new customers can get online and start testing fast.

Read more about how to use the assistant here.

More details & resources

*NOTE: GpsGate will not have a July release. The next release will be in August 2020.

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