June release: automated application setup

Remove the customer setup bottleneck! Automate application creation and device installation using REST.

Automated application setup

You want to get new customers up and running as quickly as possible. Automated customer setup via REST saves you valuable employee time and removes error-prone manual processes. Your business can scale as quickly as you can close new customers.

With automated customer setup, your employees can focus on where they bring the most value. Sales can focus on sales. Your implementation team can focus on device installation and roll-out. Your tech team can focus on high-value projects and customizations.

And your customers can start tracking faster than ever! Your closed deals become paying clients and start seeing value from your services almost immediately after signing.

When you remove the customer setup delay through REST automation, everyone benefits.

A guide on REST for application setup is in the Resources section below.

Ongoing preview releases

Our new Fleet mobile app is currently in preview release. Learn more about the new Fleet app.

Our new Road Works feature is also available for beta testing. It lets you see where your fleet has been and what it’s been doing through activity tracks. Learn more about Road Works.

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