Keeping your brand top of mind with your customers

Learn how GpsGate's custom branding options help you build your brand and your business. NEW: add your own logo to the application log in page!

Your brand is how your customers connect with you and how they distinguish you from competitors. A brand is how your customers view your business. GpsGate’s white label solution keeps your brand front and center.

Log in page branding (NEW!)

Tracking partners can customize the logo and background color of the log in screen for customers. Each time they log in to their application, they see a reminder of your brand and the value you bring to their business.

We didn’t just add a simple logo option… it’s also optimized for retina displays. Upload a high resolution logo for the full effect. We keep two versions: Your customers on newer Apple products will see the original logo in its full resolution. All other customers will see a logo scaled nicely to their screens.

The log in branding also allows you to use custom welcome text. Since they will see this each time they log into their application, it’s a valuable piece of real estate for you to use. You can share important updates with your customers, link to news on your website, or just use the space to share a friendly welcome greeting.

Application branding

Your server applications allow another chance to let your company shine. You can continue to highlight your company brand across all applications if you’d like.

However, you can also take a customer-oriented approach by using each customer’s logo on their application. Tracking partners offer custom application branding for a few reasons.

  • Large or VIP customers: sometimes you may choose to offer custom-branded applications to your most important customers. This could be an added, optional benefit for customers.
  • Custom service-focused tracking partners: if your business is all about custom solutions and high levels of customer service, using each customer’s logo on their application reinforces this.
  • Creating an ‘ownership’ feel: a customer with their own logo on their tracking application can feel more ownership. The tracking app feels like an integral part of their business each time they log in. They view it more as an in-house solution, and one that is critical to their business.

How else do you use branding in your business?

TIPS: Building your brand

Your branding comes from many things: your product and services, messaging and marketing, customer service, personal interactions, and more. How do you create a powerful brand? How do you keep and grow your customer base through strong branding?

Friendly salespeople.
Custom integrations.
Prompt customer service.
Each interaction you have with customers can build (or break!) your brand.

And each time your customers log in and use their application, we help you build your brand. GpsGate keeps your company logo front and center with your customers. We give you the power of customization. And as always, we supply the powerful back-end software.

To learn more about enabling branding in GpsGate, see the resources below.

Using the new branding

To test out the new branding, install the preview release today.

If you want to participate in our product feedback group, sign up here. Otherwise, you can always send feedback to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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