March release: One-click application creation

Introducing the new application wizard! Plus counter device mapper scripts and more ways to access and manipulate fleet data.

One-click application creation

The application creation wizard just got a huge makeover. Our tracking partners are growing fast and want to focus on sales instead of admin. So we’re making GpsGate setup as fast and easy for you as possible.

How does it work?
Click + Application.

Edit the application name and template (if you want - if not, leave them as is!). Click Save. That’s it. REALLY.

What’s next? It’s up to you!

  • • Jump into the app from the ‘Go to Application’ shortcut at the top of the application list.
  • • Edit more advanced application settings by clicking on the app in the list.
  • • Selling like crazy and have more applications to create? Use the app creation wizard again.
Counter device mapper scripts

Counters are now supported in saved value device mapper scripts.

Counters can track in a +1 fashion, tracking how many times a condition occurs. For instance, how many times has this vehicle crashed? How many times has this device sent an SOS? How many times has this vehicle traveled over 100mph?

Counters can also track in a cumulative fashion. This would let you track, for instance, how much fuel a vehicle has used.

The counter device mapper scripts are flexible so you track exactly the data you need. You can read more about saved value device mapper scripts here.

Event data export

Event data is now included in the data sets available for export to CSV. You can share the data, complete further analysis, or easily import it to another system.

And more!

To see the full list of updates in the March release, please visit the release notes linked below.

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