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What's in the March release? Month-to-month pricing, and some great geofence updates.

Month-to-month pricing

First up, let’s talk about how GpsGate works. We know that large upfront software costs can make it difficult to grow your business. We have good news!

We made it easier than ever to get started with GpsGate. GpsGate is now a month-to-month service with everything you need included. Leading software, fair pricing.

GpsGate is committed to fair pricing.

It’s simple: you pay for what you use each month. You’re never locked in to an account level with GpsGate. If the number of tracked units changes, your monthly fee changes.

Updates and Support are included.

You always have access to the latest software release. Our friendly support team is always here to assist with technical questions.

GpsGate remains scalable, user-friendly, and fully customizable.

Our focus is providing powerful software that is user-friendly. Whether you have 25 units or 25,000 units to track, GpsGate Server is fast and reliable. The user interface lets you easily manage complex data and fleets. And you can customize everything, whether it’s application-level branding and permissions or using scripting and event rules to make custom functionality.

Geofence updates

We already introduced a ton of usability improvements for geofences in our February release - check them out here. We’re back with more! This month’s release includes batch operations for geofences.

A batch operation lets you move or delete multiple geofences at the same time.

For instance, in one click, you can select all ungrouped geofences. From here, you can easily move them into a group, or even delete them.

Batch operations also works with existing groups. By selecting the group, you can auto-select all geofences within the group, and move or delete all.

More details

To see all of the release notes, check out the forum post here.

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