Marker Attributes

Update note:
Marker attributes have been improved with additional features in addition to the features described here. Read more in the updated blog post here:
Marker attributes improved!

Using Marker Attributes

The Marker Attributes allow you to include markers on the map related to devices’ attributes. You can, for example, display an icon showing the ignition status of your vehicles next to them on the map. But it doesn´t have to be an icon, you also can configure a text field. So if we want to display a green icon whenever the ignition is on and a red icon when the ignition is off, these are the steps that we should follow:

  1. Map the ignition signal In order to display the ignition status we need to map the ignition signal that our device is sending to the ignition variable on GpsGate Server. Use the Device Mapper for this task.
  2. Create an Event Rule with an Icon (or Text) Notification Now that we have mapped the signal we can use the ignition variable on our Event Rules. So let´s create an Event Rule with an Icon Notification that displays a green icon on the Vehicles list panel when ignition is on and a red icon when it´s off. Follow this tutorial if you don´t know how to create Event Rules with Icon notifications.
  3. Add the Marker Attributes to the map Once we have created the Event Rule and saved the workspace we are ready to add the Marker Attributes on our map. Login to your Vehicle Tracker application and select the Workspace menu, then click on the Marker Attributes option and a new window will be displayed. Select from the list the attribute that you have created, it should be the name of the “Column header” that you set up on the Notification inside the Event Rule. ignition2
  4. Save the workspace Lastly we should save the workspace in order to keep the changes so select the menu “Workspace / Save as” to save your workspace with the name you prefer.

After following these steps you should be able to see the ignition status for every device on your map.


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